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Case brief writing is usually assigned to the those studying Law. It teaches them to analyze various cases, learn the specifics of different parts of a particular case and support their claims with respective laws.

It can be said that a case brief is the so-called guide prepared by students while doing their case reding that divides the case into particular structural components such as:

  • Parties: This section identifies the defendant, plaintiff, or any other involved third party. Since the appellate cases are read mostly, this section also identifies the appellant and appellee.
  • Facts: This part contains such questions as Who, Why, Where, When, What and How. It shows what happened.
  • Procedural posture: This section shows what court has written the opinion and how it reached the very court. What the lower court decided?
  • Issues: This section usually includes the questions demanding the Yes/No answer. It shows what the court had to decide.
  • Holdings: What decision did the court arrive at? How did the court responded to the question presented in the “Issues” section?
  • Reasoning: This part shows the means which the court referred to when making a decision presented in the “Holding” section. It can be a previous case, the set of laws related to the case, the Constitution, or any other sources which the court used to resolve the issue.
  • Rule: It presents the abstract formulation of the holding made by the court that may be applied to other cases.
  • Dicta: This is the part highlighting the opinions that re related to the case but do not represent its resolution.
  • Concurring/Dissenting Opinions: This part presents the opinions which the court may have had when dealing with the case.


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