Free «Walden or life in the Woods» Essay Paper

Free «Walden or life in the Woods» Essay Paper

This analysis presents a critic of Thoreau’s essay on “life in the woods”. The author took two miles south of his Massachusetts home where he remained in solitude, reading, thinking, observing nature and writing. Although, in his popular imagination, he cast a hermit of true woodland retreats, he had a constant communication with friends and family members.

The real inspiration of the work became a real inspiration that was set as an apparent masterpiece by many from curious neighbours. The author provides little contribution to the world of science because the c=focus is not so much on the nature itself but the individual relationships human beings have to it. Despite his long stay in Walden Pond, we condemn his experience into a one year’s cycle enabling the Walden structure to correspond with seasonal changes. His spiritual guidebook consists of images of birth, resurrection, and rebirth signifying the changing seasons.

The necessities of life the author deprived of himself makes us doubt the genuinely of his stay for the two years. Too many creatures, one necessity of life is food, but I the prairie, there’s very few inches of palatable grass, with drinking water and shelter unless sought for in the forest and mountain shadows.


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In solitude, the writer returns home but imbibes delight throughout. She comes with a strange liberty of nature and part of herself. On returning to her house, she finds visitors who had already passed by her home but only left cards, or flowers, or wreath of evergreen. This was a clear symbol that her society appeared to have regarded her as among the dead thus few among them could bear the situation of her coming back. The commonly sufficient space is that our horizon, the thick woods, is not just our door, our pond but somewhat a clearing familiar fence to claim from nature.

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