Free «Differences and Similarities in my Parents’ Behavior» Essay Paper

Free «Differences and Similarities in my Parents’ Behavior» Essay Paper

Parents have different approaches raising their children worldwide. Culture and society have the most far reaching effects on the way parents raise their children. Yet differences are also to be found in the way individual parents within a family act towards their children. At the family unit, differences are also to be found in the way individual parents handle issues (Alyas, 2012).

Like many parents worldwide, my parents have different approaches when handling issues within the family. Individual parents display different temperaments when faced with different situations. My mother is more temperamental than my father most of the time. She tends to get more upset whenever my siblings or I do something she feels is wrong. Under such circumstances, she withdraws and avoids talking to us for even a day. On the contrary, my father is more measured in his reaction and will always give advice on a particular issue that upsets him.

Perhaps the most sensitive thing my parents are concerned about is my grades. They are very pleased when I get good grades and disappointed when I do not perform well in my studies. My mum did really well in school and can be very cross when I get bad grades. My father is more quite about and instead offers advice on the importance of good grades. Furthermore, some times he rewards me when I get good grades. Lately, he has been rewarding me with gifts whenever I score highly which has renewed my motivation in studies.


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My mother gets very happy whenever I get home made food and is very pleased whenever I help in doing domestic chores without her requesting. On the other hand, my father is usually delighted whenever I spent time with him chatting. He likes discussing his interests such as playing cards when he sometimes delves on other issues as well. This has really helped in improving our familiarity with each other and will certainly shape our relationship in future. He can get very cross when I arrive home late and advises that I should divide my time between friends and family wisely.

My parents are more or less the same in their reaction when I ask for things like toys or leaning materials. They usually decline my requests for toys but readily buy learning materials. Obviously, they do not like me getting obsessed with toys but I think they help in the learning process and creating imaginations.

Although parents are different in the way they approach and react to issues, they always mean well for us and it is important to always heed their advice. They want us to have a brighter future by performing well in school and keeping off situations that may harm us.

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