Free «Climate Change» Essay Paper

Free «Climate Change» Essay Paper

Several scholars have made attempts to concretely come out with a common preposition on the causes and effects of climate change on the planet earth. Although varied assumptions have been made, the single most common denominator that characterizes major stand points is the role played by carbon dioxide through its emission into the atmosphere. However, despite this common position by various climate scholars, there is a huge complexity in coming out with calculations that measure the real effects of carbon dioxide increase into space. In light of this complexity, even the well renowned scientists like James Hansen have not been clear on their outcomes and instead have resorted to circulating preprint that suggest that the real effects of carbon dioxide increasing levels is actually acute than expected. Anyway, in spite of complexity in calculations, several figures have been arrived at which show that carbon dioxide is on the rise. For instance, Intergovernmental panel approximates the rise to be three degrees Celsius with an error margin of plus or minus 1.5.


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In their continuous struggle, scientists have been working day and night to come with a model that incorporates the true sense of reality in explaining climate change. This is in realization of the fact that long lasting Charny sensitivity which has been relied on by many scientists is itself incomplete hence lacks the capacity to measure real climate change. The likes of Hansen and Schneider have been of the opinion that more factors affecting the world need to be incorporated in order to come up with a standardized world climate model. However, incorporating more factors also poses a challenge of weighing them.

Despite the different viewpoints and the complexity in coming up with a standardized climate model, all scientists agree that a workable solution is on the offing. That is, oxygen production into the atmosphere should be reduced as much as possible.

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