Free «Women in the Workplace» Essay Paper

Free «Women in the Workplace» Essay Paper

The most shocking information concerning women in employment is the fact that in 1979 a single woman working throughout and earning a minimum wage could manage a family of three. In essence, the mother was not only managing the family but she was also in position of maintaining it above the poverty line. Contrarily to this, the same family nine years down the line would be leaving below the poverty level. This was as a result of the reduction of employees’ salaries by $810 between 1995 and 1997. This fact is shocking because as the country develops economically employees’ salaries are expected to increase too but here was a reversed situation. For this reason, many single women remain below the poverty line since 20% of that salary is spend on childcare minus tuition fee (Seely 134).

In addition to this, the most interesting fact is that the work force of women is increasing daily. This is clearly indicated by the fact that women comprised of 46.2% in 1996 while in 2005 the percentage rose to 61.7%. In reality, this was a good progress in the development of women. Apart from this, women unions were also doing great work in the lives of many women. This is because many women who were members of unions earned more wages compared to those who were not members. On the other hand, the most awful information is the fact that even though the women workforce was increasing, women were mostly involved in part time jobs which paid 40% less as compared to full time jobs (Seely 100). For this reason, many families headed by women continued to be poor as what they earned was enough to sustain their living.


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Finally, some issues need to be part of political campaigns in order to sensitize their importance and effects. First is the issue of women unions which will help women to develop economically (Seely 52). In addition, violence at the workplace against women need to be addressed. Similarly, women opportunities in full time employment should also be included in political campaigns in order to secure more employment for them. Finally, the idea of discrimination at the workplace should also be introduced in political campaigns in order to fight for a good working environment for women.

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