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Writing a speech is quite different from speaking itself. It is a known fact indeed. And even the best speakers had their speeches written by professional writers, while we can hardly ever hear professional writers speak by themselves. These are two very different skills, and it very seldom happens, that a person may have both of them and master them both on the same level. However, writing a speech is one of compulsory things, required by all the curriculums regardless of one's specialization. Now here is when a student will need all his critical thinking in order to understand, for what reason he may ever need his speaking skills, if he is studying to become a surgeon. This is ridiculous, really. Just picture yourself a surgeon standing at the patient and speaking away for hours. This is a funny image, but the tendency is not funny at all, if you calculate the number of hours you waste on obtaining this kind of skills, you will never need in your life. Just imagine how long it requires writing a speech. And during the whole studying process you will have to write not one and not even one dozen of such speeches. Not taking into consideration other papers, required by the curriculum. This time could be used with much better effect for other academic activities. For example, to have some rest. In fact, it is very important to have good rest in order to be able to effectively study.


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Besides an enormous amount of time you waste your effort and money. Yes, it costs money to write speeches. A written speech, just like any other academic paper, presupposes your collecting information from numerous sources. Such sources can be found online, but the majority of them need to be hard copies. Now in order to collect them you will have to travel and sometimes buy books.

But isn't there a solution of this problem? Probably one could buy written speeches from speech writers, or order custom speech writing services from them. But where to look for such speech writers? This is a very important question to know the answer for. Basically there is nothing hard about it. Probably among your group mates there are some people, who write good speeches. And you could talk to them, negotiate the price, and have your speech written by them. But here is a little issue: what if such a friend of yours happens not to keep his mouth shut? What if such a person for one reason or another lets the information out? What if your professor gets to know about the whole matter? Well, the consequences are horrible to imagine. It is better not to think about it. Actually, it is better to find somebody whom you do not know and who has got no relation to your educational establishment.

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