Free «Fashion Blog» Essay Paper

Free «Fashion Blog» Essay Paper

In the twenty-first century, conformity with fashion is something that women can never escape. It is because unlike the former times, when clothes were only meant to cover the body, today, they are used to promote personality and business set-ups to greater levels. Therefore, it is mandatory to realize professional dressing styles. There are four major factors that influence people’s dressing manner, namely the industry, in which a person works, his or her job specification, the geographical area of residence, and, most importantly, expectations. Nowadays, clothing is used in particular cases and events. Hence, it is imperative for a person to make the right choice to match a particular occasion. In connection with this point, the blog targets female interns through a website, due to they may face some problems choosing clothing for a professional interview. Therefore, for them, it is quintessential to select the most appropriate attire that suits such an event. The selection of professional clothing normally defines someone’s business and status. It affects clients’ expectations. It is also important to note that the female gender faces more pressure connected with dressing as compared to men. Women’s clothing is more diverse and stylistic. Due to an interview is a formal event, it requires formal clothing instead of the ordinary one. In relation to this, all female interns have to ensure that they adorn themselves in official attire, not casual, sexy, and tight. Therefore, clothing says a lot about an interviewee. Hence, it is of utmost importance for each person coming as an intern to consider all information in this blog in order to dress and adorn appropriately not to make a mistake for the lack of qualification. Reading it will help women decide what they should follow choosing clothes, namely trends dictated by popular magazines or dressing to the occasion. To do this, the blog will provide background information on how society affects fashion.


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First, fashion is considered to be a special identifying trait of cultures, individuals, and groups. It is very significant being a means of interpreting social values and attitudes during a certain period of time. Fashion featured on camera can be a social document of great value. People affiliated to different groups, regions, tribes, cultures, and countries can be identified by the mode of their dressing. At the personal level, fashion becomes for a woman a means of expressing a certain element in personality. Glowing accessories and loud colors are normally associated with an extrovert person. For instance, ‘I am COOL,’ ‘Notice ME’ and ‘I am HERE’ are the most common expressions of such adornment. For some women, conforming to a trend is their priority. Usually, such a fashion trend is set by glamorous celebrities and magazines. Depending on their preferences, some prefer following a set trend, while others create the one. In the case of an interview, it is important for each woman to make her own choice depending on what suits her more to express her individuality by creating personal fashion. Some normally persist with a grunge look, while other ladies prefer parading in ballooned short dresses and high heels. For others, fashion magazines are not the most appropriate source dictating the trend. All these means that choosing a dress to put on during an interview, one can prefer referring to magazines and also obtaining information from other sources she trusts. Even though a person has the freedom choose what to wear, the fact remains that an interview requires moderation, not overdoing the aspect of adornment.

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For many centuries, body adornment and clothing have been used as forms of nonverbal communication to show identity. Nevertheless, appearance has become of profound importance. Uniforms can give a clear idea of the profession of a person even before she says what it is. Even in the case, when a particular job hardly requires a specific uniform, employees normally conform to a particular dress code purposely to become part of a company culture. It is also important to note that notions related to certain clothing styles can work against the wearer. More so, it happens in environs, where these are negative. Nowadays, young people have the tendency of trying to adopt a similar way of dressing with the intention of gaining acceptance from their peers. Their conformity to prevailing trends is a strong indication to group belonging. Pauline Weston, a designer, explains that the cycle of fashion trends goes in three steps. At the first stage, a design receives an approval from others, followed by competitors, who copy the coined style, and, finally, in the chain, there is the latest fad, which is replaced due to the loss of originality. The trend always ceases to be desirable immediately after something new has appeared. According to fashion historian James Laver, the Laver’s Law stipulates that a piece of clothing is daring one year ahead of time, always smart when in style, and dowdy one year exactly, when the trend has already passed. According to American economist Thorstein Veblen, who points out in The Theory of the Leisure Class that conspicuous consumption is always the most obvious in a normal dressing style, since the appearance is normally evident, and individuals intend to make a good and respectable impression. Actually, fashion emerges to be one of the biggest status symbols owing to the fact that it is easy to observe. Originally, in the past, clothing served as a political weapon. In nineteenth century, people were not allowed to put on clothes made in France. During the period of the communist revolution in the twentieth century, uniforms were used in socio-economic equalization. Therefore, even when preparing for an interview, clothing is very key and is one of the things that are assessed when the interviewer examines a person, her presentation and grooming skills. Depending on the position required, dressing may be analyzed thoroughly. For instance, in the case, when a receptionist is required, fashion must be observed keenly, since it requires a person to be presentable as much as possible to portray the good image of an organization or promote the reputation of a particular office.

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“You can’t separate family from the world. Fashion is the way we live.” These are the words of Richard Avedon, a photographer. These reflect the fact that all systems that make up the world, such as politics, economy, structures, and social life, cannot escape fashion. Modesty is occasionally cited as the purpose of dressing. Its idea comes differently depending on the culture. Whereas Muslims always prefer adopting modest fashion, people following other religious groups may not esteem it, but the bottom line is that every religion preaches modesty regardless of being a Christian, Hindu, or Muslim. Mark Twain once said, “The finest clothing made is the skin of a person.” Nevertheless, society dictates something operating above this level. In relation to this, an interview requires modesty to one of the highest degrees possible. Every lady must not put on a provocative dress, a sexy one or with shouting colors that can act as a distraction factor to men within the working organization. In fact, a religion or social club does not matter in this case, since there has to be a difference between ladies going for clubbing, an evening party or birthday party, and the one going to an office and an interview. Beauty also comes as an important purpose of dressing. All and sundry would accept the fact that every person was fearfully and wonderfully created by God. Hence, there is beauty that oozes out of every woman regardless of her height, skin color, race, and background. It means that there is no need to try to bleach skin color or use a dress code as an excuse to hide one’s personality and real appearance. It all rounds up to the fact that dressing, makeup, and other accessories that women concentrate on are meant to enhance beauty, but not to transform once appearance. Therefore, it is not right to either overdress or to under-dress in order to serve a special purpose or try to fit a particular set-up. Most people desire to look attractive, at least during some special circumstances. Nevertheless, what is termed to be beautiful is a disputable subject, as people say, “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.” Ideals surrounding beauty are susceptible to change overtime within a particular culture. Fashion is significant in life, since it is quintessential in beautifying human personality, as well as making the appearance of every individual pleasing. At this point, all those coming to take part in interviews must erase the motive of seduction from their brains. The choice of dressing must be modest and accommodative in a way that does not make anyone uncomfortable. Besides, the event lasts just one day for several hours. Hence, It is necessary not to overdo anything. Attractiveness is important during the occasion, due to every person would always want to be associated with a beautiful person.

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Fashion is an important sign language. It is a clear way of communication. Through fashion, a person can manage to express her emotions, thoughts, personality, and feelings. Clothing tells a lot about people. In fact, it shows who they are in the context of society. It speaks to others about one’s intentions, needs, talents, dispositions, and destinations. Undoubtedly, clothing becomes the most important façade of the well-being of every person even in the contemporary society. It means that a dressing style has the capacity to camouflage, cover-up, and build one’s image, but can also annihilate it. It can speak that parties have similarities, may draw attention, as well as have the opposite effect. In other words, “Attire is a silent but very powerful communicator.” From this perspective, all female interns can come to learn that instead of speaking much during an interview, they can use clothing to silently communicate the stuff that they are made personalities, likes, and preferences. Their way of dressing can act as tangible evidence of some aspects of their lives. Every person must have received better treatment being presentable and vice versa. It is possible to get attention of people in a room with the same interests, due to they have the unwavering tendency of relating to the way others are dressed. It is said that clothes make a fashion statement. Therefore, it is important for all female interns awaiting an interview to note that clothing can boost their confidence and self-belief. It is due to after they have entered the room and before they can utter any word, clothing has already told a lot about them.

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