Free «Help Kristen with Financial Management» Essay Paper

Free «Help Kristen with Financial Management» Essay Paper

Kristen has spent extra money in shops without realizing it at once, that is why she has financial problems now. Such “store discounts” may be very attractive, but Kristen should remember that she must plan her expenses regardless of such discounts if she does not want to have financial problems.

Kristen might spend money more carefully and save more. She could find several ways to save money. For example, Kristen should watch carefully everything she spends during a week. She might be surprised she sometimes buys things she does not really needs. It would be better to make purchases with cash. Kristen should set aside the necessary amount in cash before she goes shopping. This helps to avoid impulse purchases (Saving).

I would also recommend Kristen to make monthly budgets. She first needs to determine how much income she has, including salaries, interest, pension and any other income. She also should calculate her monthly expenses and divide them into fixed and flexible. Fixed expenses include, for example, rent and insurance payments. Flexible expenses can include food, clothes or entertainment. Then Kristen should subtract the total expenses from the total income to get the difference. A positive number indicates that she is spending less than she earn – it would be good, but now Kristen has a negative number. It means that she should trim her expenses (Budgeting).


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At first saving and budgeting are likely to be difficult for Kristen, because she is not used to it. It might be also difficult to meet her expenses in current month, because she has spent all her money. I would recommend Kristen to take a loan in this month.

In order not to face such situation in the future, Kristen should make month budgets regularly. She should spend money more carefully and not make extemporaneous purchases.

Healthcare Administrator Careers

Many job opportunities exist for healthcare administrators, because healthcare is a business and it needs to be managed well. A graduate can become top administrator or assistant administrator. But when the clinic is small (up to 15 physicians) they might employ only one administrator.

Earnings of medical and health services managers vary by type and size of the facility, by level of responsibility and by region. The Medical Group Management Association reported that, in 2002, average salaries of administrators were $78,258 in practices with fewer than 7 physicians; $92,727 in practices with 7- 25 physicians; and $125,988 in practices with more than 26 physicians (Career Guide: Medical and Health Services Managers).

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In order to be employed as healthcare administrator, a person should have a master’s degree in health services administration, long-term care administration, health sciences, public health, public administration or business administration. A bachelor’s degree can be adequate for some entry-level positions (Career Guide: Medical and Health Services Managers).

Most medical and health services managers have a long working day. Facilities such as hospitals operate day and night, and administrators and managers may be called at all hours to deal with problems. Sometimes they travel to attend meetings or inspect satellite facilities (Career Guide: Medical and Health Services Managers).

I have found one job posting that might interest me upon graduation. The job title is healthcare administrator. An employee should have AA Degree, better bachelor’s, registered EMT, LPN or RN current First Aid/CPR/BLS/NYS certifications, good medical knowledge and good communication skills.  Experience is not mentioned. Salary is $600 per week (Healthcare Administrator).

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I think this job is suitable for me after graduation. The salary is not very high, but I do not need experience to work there. They also need bachelor’s degree, not master’s. I would be a good start of my career to work there.

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