Free «Rock Island Chocolate Company Case Study» Essay Paper

Free «Rock Island Chocolate Company Case Study» Essay Paper

Social network has been gaining momentum for a long period, bringing a revolutionary change in communication not only to people, but also to searching of information, news, products, services, and others. The development of social networks has contributed to a change in people’s perception. Therefore, the value of social networks is impossible to be ignored.

In his response to Seymour Burris, Jr., the President and CEO of the Rock Island Chocolate Company, Charlie should outline the necessity of the strategy development of a presence in the social networking area. He should point at the advantages of the implementation, as well as respond to the blog issue in a positive manner.

Thus, advertising in social networks gives a much better results when working with other types of online advertising, search engine optimization promotion in particular. Promotion in social networks has a strong impact that significantly increases the level of branding, including recognition of goods and services, as well as the company name.


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In terms of the blog issue, Charlie should respond to President Burris that they will contact the customer directly and fix the issue. The problem is a signal for the company that the current distribution system is not effective. It is the reason for the company to consider new strategies and try to be closer to the customers. The improvement strategy can be achieved by gathering customers’ feedbacks, offering new promotions, conducting surveys about the products offered and others. It is not acceptable for a respected company to ignore issues that would have a strong impact on the reputation and the future sales.

In terms of a strategy for building a presence in the social networking arena, Charlie should present four reasons the company should develop such a strategy. First one is to encourage employees to be in a regular communication with the customers and provide an effective after-sales service. Second reason is to contribute to the growth of brand recognition as well as sales improvement. Third feature is to make accessible the newest information for the customers and business partners. Fourth benefit is the chance to conduct surveys needed for the future marketing strategies (Brown, Dehayes, Hoffer, Martin, & Perkins, 2011).

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The creation of a blog is imperative for the company willing to present the business on the Internet. The reasoning is that the blog can show that the company is working for its customer. It will help to provide customers with more informal news, as well as show the company’s responsibility to the community. In addition, it will give a channel for the communication with the rest of the world, along with the opportunity to build an online presence. Blogging step is also necessary for describing the issues that affect the company and their effective solution.

In terms of creation of Facebook and Twitter account, the idea presents the chance to analyze the potential customers. As the social media are very popular, it is paramount to submit information for all of the users to encourage them to become customers and prove a reliable reputation of the company. The creation of the accounts is a good strategy to do press releases of any the company’s actions, as well as receive customer feedback on innovations and improvement they would like to see when purchasing the goods. The content can also be shared with the world by using tabs as they are a good way to share the blog with a wider audience and get an honest opinion (Benson & Morgan, 2014).

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Since the strategy involves the investments and knowledge in the community’s content, Charlie should offer an aggressive strategy for building presence in the social networking arena. Such step will show the existing customers that the company values all feedback, either negative or positive, and launches an immediate response to the issues. Finally, it is an excellent way to show the company’s progress itself.

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