Tips to Get Shortlisted in a Telephonic Interview

Each time when you send your resume out, you can anticipate the request for a telephonic interview. Many candidates underestimate its importance. However, its impact on the right person for certain job position selection is huge. Read the tips below to pass this uncommon interview type with success.

Deeper Knowledge about the Company

Before the appointed interview time, you should look through information concerning company and job position you have sent your application for.

  • What is the mission of the company?
  • What is the policy of the company?
  • What is the vision of it?
  • Who is its target audience?

If you can answer the questions mentioned above, then you are partially ready for your telephonic interview. We say partially because you should know the details of your future job position too. They include responsibilities, profile, schedule and scheme of staff organization. If you have learned and researched information about all these aspects, your chances to successfully answer the questions of the interviewer raise much.


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The Most Common Interview Questions

Experiencing job interview for the first time may be confusing. The questions mentioned below can seem a little bit philosophical at first sign, but the majority of them are common for the most job interviewers. Answer them once at home and it will be hard to have you over the barrel.

  • Why do you consider yourself as appropriate for this position?
  • What can you give to our company?
  • How well do you manage time and deadlines?
  • What place does the job take in your life?
  • Where do you imagine yourself in10 years?
  • What are your weak points?
  • Convince us to hire you?

Prepare Yourself

First, you should have a good and long sleep before the day of your telephonic interview. Despite the fact that nobody will see you, it is reasonable to dress properly, as it will add courage and assuredness, which will be noticeable in your voice. Moreover, you can ask a friend to make some kind of repetition of the telephonic interview to adapt for it beforehand.

Water and Pen as Your Assistants

Sometimes it is hard to remember an even simple piece of information when you are nervous. A pen and paper are your best assistants in this case. Make notes to answer the questions clearly. If your voice puts you in a difficult position, feel free to make a sip of water to improve the situation.

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Telephonic interview has a lot in common with ordinary one. The only distinguishing feature is that you do not see your interviewer. Thus, the manner of speaking, your voice and intonation are the trumps you should use. Pay extra attention to the cleanliness of the language you speak and its correctness. Omit using parasite words and never keep silence for a long time. Prepare yourself beforehand and hope for a positive response. Do your best!

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