How to Write a Thesis Statement Properly?

Starting from high school, you will be taught how to choose a certain standpoint and defend it. By defending I do not mean fighting in the literal sense. In this case, defending is providing valid arguments and supporting evidence to make others believe and accept your opinion. In particular, in the writing assignments, you will get throughout the long studying process and learn how to write a proper thesis statement, which is a so-called backbone of your paper. So, the first step towards submitting well-written papers is learning how to write a thesis statement properly. With the following guide, you will get to know what a thesis statement is and how to formulate it properly.

What Is a Thesis Statement?

Some Internet sources define a thesis statement as a brief description of the paper. I would only partly agree with it. Actually, it depends on the paper you are writing, in particular, its purpose. If you have to write a thesis in the argumentative essay, your task will be not just to describe what you will explore in the paper but to provide an argument or your position regarding the given problem or task. First and foremost, it should be clear from the essay what the general theme of your paper is. Second, the thesis should demonstrate your perspective or standpoint on the issue or the topic. Third, your thesis should be logically formulated because the layout of the essay mainly depends on how well the thesis is written.


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The Process of Writing a Thesis Statement

Now that you know what a thesis statement actually is, it’s high time we started writing it. Follow the tips in order to learn how to write an effective thesis statement:

Choose the Topic to Write On

If you do not have a clear assignment and you have to choose the topic of your essay on your own, then you should come up with it. My advice: do not choose too broad topics because it will be hard to provide a well-structured paper – you will get lost in the myriad of ideas. Therefore, pick a narrow topic that you know well. A narrow topic will guarantee that you will write a clear and strong thesis statement. It will also be easier for you to come up with proper supporting examples. When choosing a topic, you must be sure that you will be able to easily support your position on it and provide a persuasive thesis statement.

Evaluate Each Idea (for or against) before Providing Your own Argument

After you have chosen your topic, start collecting ideas. If it is an argumentative paper or a comparison & contrast, I advise you to take a piece of paper, a pen, and start collecting the ideas “for” and “against”. Such visual representation will help you build up a strong argument and take your stance.

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How to Formulate a Strong Thesis Statement?

There are numerous constituents of a strong thesis statement. If you have already written a thesis statement of your own, please ask yourself the following questions and check whether your thesis meets the criteria of a strong one or not:

Make sure that your thesis statement is directive in its nature. A properly written thesis statement should give you directions to the body of the paper. With a proper thesis statement, it will be easier to construct each of the subsequent body paragraphs, as each of the separate issues mentioned in the thesis will correspond to each of the subsequent body paragraphs.

Make sure your thesis statement is supported. Remember that every argument you provide in the thesis should be supported with ample evidence or facts. What makes a thesis statement successful is that it can be supported with some proof or trustworthy ideas.

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