Why Is Science Regarded to Be Atheistic?

Science is defined a rational, systematic and intellectual research of the natural world that is based on observations, facts, as well as experiments. On the contrary, atheism, a term derived from Greek word meaning “without god,” is the disbelief in the existence of deities. Considering the fact that science operates in a framework of uncompromising facts, making faith in the gods entirely unfound, it is often viewed as atheistic.

Despite the difference in definitions and functions, science and religion have achieved peaceful coexistence. Science can operate on its own regardless of its origin. Consequently, science is able to function without any theistic foundation. At the same time, it doesn’t tolerate atheistic dogmatism. Therefore, science can perfectly function without any form of atheism.

According to the literature, atheism rejects the necessity of God in the world we live. Another form of atheism claims that a strong faith in God and the afterlife discredit the actual value of human life on the earth. There is even an atheistic world-view based on the assertion that people must become gods themselves in order to live in a godless world.


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Scientists have never made any claims that God doesn’t exist since there is no factual proof of any supernatural power. At the same time, the main aim of science is to reach the solution, where God’s intervention has nothing to do with it. Whenever scientists encounter a problem, they turn to scientific methods of dealing with it, instead of praying for God’s help. Thus, there is a very fragile and flexible boundary between the two concepts.

Despite the fact that science and religion are two controversial aspects of social life, they are both exciting as separate units, where science focuses on observation and reasoning and religion has its creed and code of personal morals.

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