Learn a New Language by Watching Polyglot YouTube Channels

Those who learn a second, third, or even fourth language have to deal with vocabulary, grammar rules, idioms, and slang a lot. If you want to speed up the process of language acquisition or just to find out whether you are an effective learner, find polyglot channels on YouTube, and gain the experience they accumulated many years.

Benny Lewis

He is the most popular YouTube polyglot thanks to his infectious attitude to language acquisition process. There are videos about different stages of the learning process on his channel, but the first stage called “Speak from Day One” is the most interesting. Watch it and find out how to fight off the fear of speaking a foreign language from the very beginning.

Luca Lampariello

He is an Italian polyglot who knows 10 languages and gladly shares his experience. He claims that smart learning is the most important in language acquisition because it helps to get a firm “language core”. Thus, he is famous for providing tips that work for learning almost all languages in the world.


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Susanna Zaraysky

The fans of iTunes will appreciate videos of this famous polyglot because she facilitates a musical approach to the language acquisition process. She believes that traditional methods of learning are less effective than her own approach because conventional learning does not activate some parts of the brain. Switch on her YouTube channel and find hundreds of musical techniques and hacks.

Olly Richards

His videos are interesting to watch mainly because of his easy-going demeanor that allows you to feel comfortable cramming foreign vocabulary. On the contrary, his language course is quite intense and concise. If you would like to receive big portions of information at once, sign up for his YouTube channel.

Conor Clyne

The peculiarity of his videos is that they are shot in the form of interviews with other polyglots who share their experiences. These online lessons will help you to learn tips from the world’s famous polyglots such as Félix Wang and Richard Simcott.

Aaron Myers

If you are looking for well-organized videos about language learning process, you should certainly choose Aaron Myers’s YouTube channel. He motivates his followers by teaching them to set small everyday goals that turn into big steps in language learning with time.

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So, if you are searching for inspiration to go ahead with learning a language, you are always welcome to sign up for YouTube channels of these popular polyglots and become their online student for free!

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