15 Things You May Discuss with Your Professor

This is true that many students are afraid of their professors. However, remember that they may be not only scary but also interesting people to talk to. Approach them whenever you need help and you’ll be surprised to meet a smart and engaging personality. There are 15 themes you may discuss with your professors during office working hours:

1. The current class. You may talk about your current class, i.e. its difficulties and interesting points.

2. The future class. If this professor is going to teach you the next semester, you may ask about it too. Clarify engaging and difficult issues related to the class, and discuss some expectations about the subject.

3. The previous class you liked. Yes, you may discuss it too.

4. Graduate school opportunities. Clarify about some graduate schools, and what is expected from graduate students. Your professor will definitely share a lot.

5. Internship ideas. If you are still confused about internships, employment chances or some contacts, you may talk this over with your professor.

6. Something discussed in class you liked. Don’t be afraid to discuss some facts from the class you liked. Professors love when students share their impressions.

7. Some difficulties you are having in a current class. You may get some clarifications from your professor on some matters you don’t understand. Thus, you will be able to improve your knowledge.


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8. Academic troubles. If you face big academic struggles, you may mention this while talking to the professor. Probably, he or she will be able to help.

9. Your personal issues that influence your study. It is very important to discuss problems impacting academics with your professor. You may mention some situations before they become a real trouble.

10. How current events are related to the course material. Sometimes your today’s life may have the connection with the principles or concepts covered in class. Discuss them with your professor.

11. A recommendation from your professor. Your professor may give you a letter of recommendation if you need one. It may be especially helpful when you are looking for a job.

12. Study advice. If you have some issues while studying, ask your professor for some tips. Such pieces of advice may be useful to enhance your academics.

13. Some resources on campus to assist you academically. Sometimes your professor may lack time to help you. Therefore, he or she may advice some support resources for you.

14. Scholarship opportunities. The professor is a person who knows about scholarship options. You may ask for advice on these opportunities.

15. Job options. Probably your professor is a right person who may direct you in your search for a job. Feel free to ask about career opportunities.

As you may see there are many things to discuss with your professors. These people may be a real treasure for you to talk to. Professors may help to enhance your academics and in your search for a job. Feel free to talk to them!

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