Example of Biographical Essay

It doesn’t come as a surprise that the vast majority of students dislike writing essays as it can be a rather mind-boggling task, particularly if some extra research is needed. Biographical essays are no exceptions. Given the fact that as often as not they’re rushed off their feet, these academic “eager beavers” can even resort to buying biographical essay samples to dodge this crucial task.

As far as its definition is concerned, a biographical essay is a type of narrative essay where an author tells a story about someone’s life in vivid detail. It has a typical structure, namely: an introduction (a strong thesis statement is necessary), body of the essay, and conclusion. Students have to keep in mind that it’s next to impossible to narrate the story of someone’s entire life in a couple of paragraphs, so they need to pick out some fundamental features of the biography in question. For instance, if you’re tasked with an artist’s biography, it’ll be wise to concentrate on the milestones in his/her career, which have shaped his/her personality or influenced others in a meaningful way.


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Without any further ado, let’s check the sample based on the biography of the singer Prince.

Life Story of Singer Prince

The news hit the headlines on April, 21st. What happened? American ingenious singer Prince Rogers Nelson was found dead in his apartment. His most popular film “Purple Rain” was screened by the AMC theaters for the entire week. His nickname was the most frequently searched inquiry in Google and appeared in millions of posts on social platforms. The passing of this prominent person triggered memorial events and actions around the globe to honor his memory. The life of this vibrant personality and his outstanding career make it interesting to remember some crucial moments of the singer’s life story.

Nelson was born in 1958 to a family of African-American musicians in Minneapolis. Belonging to a band called “Prince Rogers Trio,” his father came up with a name “Prince” for his son. Unfortunately, for young Nelson, his parents divorced and he was adopted by the Andersons’. He got on well with a boy Andre Anderson, and so they initiated a music band “Grand Central.” Together they performed on various events. What’s more, an eighteen-year-old Prince succeeded in collaborating with Chris Moon for a couple of demo tracks.

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Another milestone in the singer’s life was a single “1999” that brought him fame. Other songs that made him massively popular were “International Lover” (resulted in Grammy Award), “Little Red Corvette,” and “Delirious.” Prince also starred in a film “Purple Rain” (1984) and a sequel to it “Graffiti Bridge” (1990). In 1992, he released a “Love Symbol Album” in a new band “The New Power Generation.” Later he changed his nickname to a sign that symbolized male and female nature. He underwent some difficulties in his career but managed to recover with “The Gold Experience” album.

Undoubtedly, Prince was a talented musician, producer, actor, and singer. His versatility and dogged determination resulted in a resounding success. Owing to his exceptional talent and versatility, he took the world of music by storm.

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