Argumentative Essay on School Uniform: Choose your Position

Today the debates about a school uniform resemble the fight for creativity, individuality, practical values, and pragmatism. Therefore, taking this topic for writing an argumentative essay is a good idea. When you have to do this, it is very important to carefully analyze all advantages and disadvantages of wearing a uniform at school. Afterwards, you need to come up with your personal opinion on this topic. Start writing your essay only when you are certain of your position to make your arguments stronger and successfully refute the counterarguments. Read on to learn the best tips on writing an argumentative essay on wearing a school uniform.

Arguments for School Uniforms:

  • Wearing a school uniform can help students improve their discipline and academic achievements as it allows focusing on studies, instead of comparing their clothes with those of other students.
  • A school uniform allows the student to save their time in the morning as they do not have to think what they should wear to school and look for a suitable outfit every morning.
  • Having students wear school uniform allows establishing equality among them. It also helps to avoid bullying and teasing each other, contributes to team building among students and induces the feeling of dignity as they are wearing the uniform of a particular school.

Arguments against School Uniforms:

  • Wearing school uniform restricts the student's freedom of choice and self-expression. When everyone has to choose the same dress code, it leaves an individuals without the chance to select an outfit by him/herself. In future, it may lead to the student’s inability to express him/herself and make the choice.
  • There are people, especially youngsters, who consider clothing to have more important function than only protection from heat or cold. For them, it is the way to manifest their style and taste, as well as their individuality. If a student becomes deprived of the freedom to manifest those, it can have negative consequences.
  • Buying a school uniform leads to wasting money for students or their parents. In case students can wear the clothes they already have, they do not need to buy anything else, especially those they will not need for anything else.

General Tips for Writing an Argumentative Essay:

  • Remember to choose your position before you begin to write an argumentative essay. Evaluate the different sides of your topic and choose which one you want to support. Then reflect on it and develop all possible arguments and advantages of your position.
  • Develop your arguments by your own and take evidence for these arguments from either sources or from real life experiences. Try citing all the sources that you have used while writing your essay.
  • Remember to stick to the proper formatting and proofread your essay to make sure it does not have any grammatical or spelling errors.

Good luck with writing your argumentative essay, my friend! May your grades always be the highest!

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