An Example of a Short Essay

Writing essays is an essential part of any school or college curriculum, so every student is regularly given an assignment to write one. Writing an essay is as challenging as writing a thesis or a report, that is why, it should be approached seriously. Find below an example of a short essay on the problem of saving the dogs locked in the cars.

How to Save a Dog Locked in a Hot Car

When summer comes, the owners of dogs tend to leave their pets inside cars being unaware of the risks, at which animals might be put, as the temperature inside a car can rise to a dangerously high value. Passers-by have no right to open an unknown car to save a dog as it might result in being charged with an offence. The matter is that when the weather is hot, a car tends to heat up very quickly, turning into a furnace. For instance, when the temperature of the air outside is 78 degrees above zero, it may reach more than 110 degrees in less than half an hour inside a car. The higher the temperature is outside, the higher it becomes inside in less time. It is extremely dangerous for dogs, for which the only way of cooling themselves is to sweat through the pads of the paws and to pant. Thus, in less than a quarter of an hour, the owner may find his/her dog dead because of the brain damage or a heatstroke. That is why it is necessary to highlight certain measures that a person can take to save a dog locked in an excessively hot car.


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To start with, try to memorise the model, the color and the car number. Besides, it is a good idea to turn to the security guard or the manager of any building, which is nearby to get the case announced, trying to find the owner of the dog in the shortest time possible. What is more, try not to leave the dog, keep an eye on it until the owner arrives to supply him or her with all the necessary information concerning the state of the dog.

If you see the dog panting heavily, behaving in a restless way, vomiting, being unwilling to eat but excessively thirsty, call for emergency as these are the symptoms of a heatstroke. If the police or an ambulance are out of reach, you may end up breaking the car window to liberate the dog from its hot prison.

What is more, in order to save the dog, it must be taken to an air-conditioned car or a building, and given water to slake its thirst. It is necessary to reduce the temperature of the dog’s body by spraying it with water.

To conclude, people should be aware of the danger they might expose their pets to and the consequences of such careless attitude to animals. So, the government should create the law concerning the mentioned above circumstances.

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