The American Dream Satirical Essay

Many people have heard someone chasing the American dream. The idea of this phenomenon is a person’s desire to move to the country or place with a better life, where everyone has an opportunity to find a well-paid job in accordance with his skills and perseverance.

Unfortunately, most of the people who wish to move to the US, looking for a better life, are unaware of what is needed to become successful. There is nothing bad about being wealthy. Nonetheless, a person will not become a millionaire by just moving to the USA. Nobody will be waiting for you at the airport with a bag full of dollars. You will not become rich even in one year.

Many people believe that the American dream is a type of blind luck when fortune favors them instantly. Any dream becomes possible if a person is ready to work hard to make them come true. So they start with McDonald’s and then go and work a night shift at the other place to make the ends meet. It is not a shame to work in order to achieve a goal. Nevertheless, if you set a goal, which is impossible to achieve, then you need a break and some time to change your plans. Moving to the US to become a famous rap singer at the age of 35 is cool yet next to impossible, especially if you have not been to a music school and your grandfather was the only person to value your vocal skills. Thinking about the American dream, keep in mind that the vast majority of immigrants will not attain good outcome. According to most surveys, these pessimistic results are reality.


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You are lucky if you have heard a proverb “When at Rome, do as the Romans do.” You are a wise person if you follow this rule. When traveling to the USA, you should be ready to respect their traditions. Besides, you will need to comply with some rules, which you never used to follow in your fatherland. When traveling to another country, you will be responsible for any conscious or unconscious acts you commit. In the USA, you will need to start a new life, therefore, if you are a lazy person, arriving in a new country will not make you a hardworking laborer. You will be in control of your life, and a mere desire to become rich will not be enough. Start becoming successful right now, in the place you are.

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