The List of Ultimate Music Festival Essentials

Many people consider music festival season the most amazing period of the year. You gather together with your best friends, buy tickets to the festival, and spend your weekend doing desirable things. It is like entering an entirely different world, free of daily routine and behavioral etiquette. However, if you want to enjoy festival to the fullest, there are some necessities you should certainly take along.

The Basic Essentials

The following basic essentials help you avoid looking messy and protect you from harmful germs

A trash bag serves as a good poncho in rainy weather, a comfortable place for sitting, and even a pillow to put your tired head on.

Sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat are needed to protect your body from the sunburn.

A mini bottle of hand sanitizer/wet wipes are necessary to provide adequate hygiene.

A refillable water bottle prevents you from dehydration, and you won’t surely miss the concert, because the ambulance might take you to provide first aid.

A mini Fan is helpful in hot weather.

A phone charger makes sure that you will be able to contact with your friends whenever you want.

Ear plugs ensure you silence if you decide to give your ears a break.

Plastic baggies are necessary to save your accessories and electronics.


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An emergency kit with aspirin, medical tape or gauze helps you care for you and your friends.

A selfie stick is useful for taking full body selfies or better observing the stage.

Snacks, such as nuts, granola, energy bars, and crackers, help you fight hunger if festival food is very expensive.

Sports Drinks provide you extra hydration.

Fashion Essentials

With fashion essentials you will surely look pretty good

Flash tattoos complete your perfect outfit.

Boots are perfect footwear for the festival, especially if it rains.

Coat/sweater is useful at cold night.

Cross-body bag/Fanny-pack free your hands and reduce the possibility of losing something.

Loose-fitting clothes are much more convenient as compared to tight clothing.

Beauty Essentials


Toothbrush/ toothpaste


Dry shampoo

Body spray


Blotting wipes

Hair elastics

Camping Essentials

Campsites are ordinarily available at music festival. You will need some stuff if you and your friends decide to stay at campsites.

A tent for sleeping.

A flag helps you easily find your campsite among the other tents.

Toilet Paper refers to things that you certainly have to take along.

A cooler is good for the drinks you taken.

Grill comes in handy if you and your friends want to cook.

Food includes bread, trail mix, deli meat, burger, and condiments.

Spatula & silverware ensure that you don’t eat with dirty hands.

An air mattress is comfortable for sleeping.

Folding chairs are necessary to sit and relax.

Blankets warm you during the cold night.

Flashlight helps you find everything you need in the dark.

Gas & jumping cables provide safety for you.

We are sure that as long as you take into consideration our tips of what to take along, you will enjoy summer festivals to the fullest!

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