Top 5 U.S. Travel Destinations

If you’ve got itchy feet and can’t wait till your holidays begin, the list of top 5 destinations will help you in making the right choice! These places will be suitable for both international and domestic travelers. Let’s get started!

• 1. Culebra, Puerto Rico

If you are looking for a beach, Puerto Rico is the perfect place, plus it is situated not far away from the U.S. mainland. You can find a lot of amazing beaches on the island although the best one is Playa Flamenco on the island of Culebra. It has not yet been well discovered by many tourists, so it’s high time to step on the pristine sand and swim in pure water. You can easily reach Culebra either by ferry or by plane and stay in the apartment nearby the beach for $150 per night.

• 2. Boulder, Colorado

Boulder is one of the most active cities in the U.S. Moreover, it is a university town with a variety of entertainment points everywhere. You can come across diverse shops, cafes, and pubs on Pearl St Mail. Actually it’s the only street where you won’t find any cyclists, since they are riding anywhere else. Besides, there is a Royal Arch Trial, where you can hike for two hours challenging yourself. Also, in winter, Nederland’s goofy Frozen Dead Guy festival is held 15 miles away from the city.


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• 3. Hawai’i: The Big Island

Usually when somebody has ever mentioned Hawai’i, most of us thought about Honolulu. However, after the increase of the number of flights from the US to Kona, situated on the Big Island, we’ve realized the diversity of the place. There you can visit Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park, discover underwater world at Kealakekua Bay, hike to the caves and waterfalls at Hilina Pai or just enjoy yourself on the beach at Hapuna.

• 4. Chicago

Apart from hosting a lot of political events, Chicago offers stunning art masterpieces at the Art Institute and Millennium Park. Moreover, it is a home of exclusive restaurants and festivals, such as Lollapalooza and Taste of Chicago. Finally, the city attracts its visitors to Hyde Park where you can have an unforgettable promenade enjoying the natural views.

• 5. Yellowstone National Park

It’s useless to mention all the advantages of visiting the world’s first national park in summer. In turn, we suggest you to experience life of some fairytale creatures arriving here in winter. Really, the place looks like a snow castle. The waterfalls put on icy coats, geysers rise higher, and the rivers heave with steam. You can take part in the cross-country skiing as well as hike challenging different level trails. Are you still waiting for summer to go for an adventure?

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Have you already felt curious about visiting all the above-mentioned places? Hurry up and start planning. The US is a very rich country, so seems like your journey just starts. Bring a bunch of friends or your family with you and have fun!

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