Narrative essay papers are among the most interesting academic papers to read. Not only they prove to your professor your knowledge of the topic, but also show your involvement and your originality to him/her. Unfortunately, the gift of writing great narratives is not given to all.

The rewriting stage is the main feature of a narrative essay. When writing a narrative essay, one needs to write about himself/herself telling the reader about a personal event. Here are the main characteristics of a narrative essay:

  • It should retell a story giving the impression of traveling through time.
  • It is a personal experience or someone else’s one.
  • It emphasizes the lessons learned from the event and relates to the class or topic you approach.


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How to Write a Narrative Essay

There are specific steps for narrative essay papers writing.

First, choose one determining personal experience in your life and think on why this event is important to youor why it has changed something in your life. It is recommended to write a draft of a plan of your ideas and then to prepare the outline of your work.

Using your outline, describe each event of the experience. Do not be afraid to spend time describing details to make the situation more realistic for your readers. Writing a narrative essay should not be done in an academic style. It should be written as an author would to describe environments, situations and feelings. You should write a narrative essay that you would like to read!

It is recommended to start writing a essay with a description of the experience and an explanation of why it is important for you. Another technique is to provide the explanations at the end. This is really up to you.

At this point, you should already have caught the readers’ attention. You should be able to keep their curiosity!

Finally, you should revise your paper. It is always better to ask someone else to read your narrative essay and to ask for comments and remarks. It will give you another opinion or idea on your paper, and it will give a greater chance for improvement and for better marks!

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