Free «The Nutty Professor (1963)” in relation to “mise-en-scene”» Essay Paper

Free «The Nutty Professor (1963)” in relation to “mise-en-scene”» Essay Paper

The Nutty Professor movie is one of the films that have fully demonstrated the art of stage-managing mise en scene for a narrative purpose. This is a film that was written, directed and starred in by actor Jerry Lewis in the year 1963. The Nutty Professor was Jerry Lewis's highest achievement in that the film straight away develops a visual theme via its use of sets. The director of this film ensures that from its beginning, the actions are in a laboratory whereby students are watching his experiment that finishes up in a bang. The subtle narrative purpose of time is looked at when Professor Kelp heads to see Dr Warfield on the issue of the accident at the laboratory and there is an uncomfortable extended silence between the two (Scott, 2012).

The scenery atmosphere is seen right through the film in other sets, they include in the ballroom and gym which are highlighted by the utilization of color and lighting. The writer of this film states that the best sets are the simplest. In this film, the camera enters from buddy love’s point of view with people gazing back at him in the nightclub and street. Despite the fact that he has not spoken, each person is in fear of him, thus fear is strengthened by the shots and frames applied in this film, for instance, the camera that isdirected up at from the dance floor makes sure that he has the prevailing location to draw on his significance for the plot. Before to Love's first performance in this film, Kelp experiences the transformation and the scene are predicted by the threatening lighting and camera angles. The direct shadows and unclear camera angles of Kelp entertainingly are strange plus the hiding of Kelp behind the laboratory apparatus being a definition of a change from the previous style of the film (Scott, 2012).

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