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The romance novel Twilight written by Stephenie Meyer was published in 2005 gaining much popularity and success and becoming the biggest selling book in 2008 after the release of the film. The plot is original and interesting, as it focuses on the relationships between humans and vampires co-existing in the same community. In fact, the book presents a romantic relationship between a 17-year old girl Bella Swan living with her father Charlie, and a vampire Edward Cullen. Edward always behaved in a strange manner and looked different from other guys. Once he saved Bella from a moving van; he could not explain his supernatural power. Thus, Bella decided to search for the truth herself and discovered that Edward was a vampire. However, since he consumed only animal blood, they could stay together with no threat to Bella’s life. Even though they were different and could not stay together, she was not able to resist the feelings and entered the relationships with Edward, who also loved her.


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I was interested to read about the development of the relationship between two characters that were feeling the power of true love, as Edward did not want Bella to become a vampire, though Bella made the decision to stay with Edward forever. The book received a mixed bag of positive and negative reviews, and reading the responses of people impacted my decision to read the book, as so many people reacted on the plot and expressed their ideas and opinions on the different websites. I was sure that the book should be appealing to people’s emotions. I decided to read the book following the recommendations of my friends and many positive reviews online. When reading the story I was a teenager of nearly the same age as the main character Bella Swan, so, it was interesting to live through her feelings and emotions.

I would surely recommend the novel to my friends or peers, as this is not only an appealing and interesting romance story, but also a story about the problems of loneliness, social inequity, misunderstanding between people widely observed in the modern society. People of different age, social or academic background can read it, as the story can be interesting both for adults and teenagers because true love can unite different people by crossing out social expectations and traditions. I liked the book very much and even decided to watch the movie after reading it, because it was interesting to feel the atmosphere on the screen through the acting of famous actors, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Billy Burke and others. The most important thing I have learned from the book is the power of true love. If people really love each other, they should not care about the obstacles and challenges around them by coping with everything together.

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The book mixes several stories and events pertaining to the basic plot, such as the inclusion of the legend about vampires and the history of Bella’s family. From the first sight, the book focuses only on the development of the personal relationship between Bella and Edward, but the closer analysis provides an understanding of some minor details and events making the general plot more attractive and interesting. The other story concerns itself with Bella’s family. The point was that Bella’s parents were divorced and her mother married for the second time to a baseball player. Thus, Bella decided to live with her father at Forks, though the relationship between them were not very warm, and we observed the development and progression of the relationships. The author showed the real values in people’s life, including family, the beloved person, true friends. It supports the idea that if people were surrounded by such individuals, they could live through different problems and troubles in life.

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