Free «Television Watching» Essay Paper

Free «Television Watching» Essay Paper

Many people in the contemporary world cannot survive without television in their houses. This essay would specifically focus on the aspect of individuals watching different movies on television. It is always possible to find people glued to television watching movies every time. The debate on the negative and positive effects of watching movies on television keeps raising different views at the dawn of each new day. On the one hand, supporters of the opinion that television viewing has more negative effects affirm that watching violent movies leads to violent habits among individuals; television is addictive, and it affects children’s mind through exposure to adult scenes. On the other hand, TV enthusiasts affirm that watching movies on television comes with more positive effects because it is a source of entertainment and it improves the knowledge of different people concerning global matters.

This essay explicates the debate that television watching has more negative than positive effects.

Proponents of anti-TV idea affirm that watching movies on television has more negative than positive effects because it leads to violent behaviours among individuals. It is worth noting that people have access to a number of channels and most of them would be interested in watching different kinds of movies available to them. This leads to the exposure of individuals to violent movies that are likely to influence their actions and relationships with others. Datta (2007) affirms that it is always easier to adopt the behaviour of an outrageous character from the film, which strains relationships with other people in the society. The violent habits adopted from watching movies makes it difficult for one to associate with others peacefully.


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Additionally, opponents of television watching are of the view that it has negative effects because it leads to addiction among individuals of different age categories. According to adversaries, addiction to motion pictures shown on different channels is one of the common problems that individuals are likely to face because of excessive television watching (Sprafkin, et al., 2013). Addiction to television is harmful because it interferes with the ability of people to work and interact with others. It tends to make individuals lazy, as they keep thinking about watching their favourite movies. Addiction to films has an unfavourable impact on eyesight as one remains glued to television every free minute.

Watching TV series and movies also has negative effects on children. Denunciators opine that children are likely to be exposed to different shows that have uncensored parts. The adult parts of the movie have the potential of affecting the minds of children, making them ill-mannered at the early stages of their lives. This comes about since most parents do not have control of their children in terms of television watching. Most children have televisions in their rooms and have the ability of accessing any channel with adult movies without any sense of restriction. It affects the growth of children and impedes them from becoming responsible adults.

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As a comparison, proponents reiterate that watching movies on television has more positive that negative effects because it is a source of entertainment. Proponents in the debate note that television is a massive source of entertainment that helps individuals relax after a busy day. Diehl and Toelle (2012) agree that it is the cheapest and easiest source of entertainment available to people all the time because it is conveniently present in the house. This means that people do not have to go to the cinemas to watch their favourite episodes as they can do it in the comfort of their homes. Therefore, watching movies on television relieves stresses due to the available entertainment.

Accordingly, TV adherents also argue that watching movies on television has more positive effects because it gives individuals the chance to acquire wider knowledge about their immediate environment and the world. Proponents affirm that not all movies shown on television have negative messages as many of them have the capacity of teaching individuals interesting facts relating to different technologies and lifestyles of other people around the world. This acquaints individuals with the activities of other diverse groups around the world, which promotes acceptability (Diehl & Toelle, 2012). The lessons learned through television could also be applied to the development of the world.

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In conclusion, the debate on the negative and positive effects of watching movies on television never seems to end as people put forward different positions. Opponents of TV-mania agree that watching television has more negative effects because it leads to addiction, tends to promote violent behaviours among people, and interferes with the normal development of children and their transformation into responsible adults because of exposure to adult content. However, proponents argue that watching television has positive effects compared to negative ones because of its educative nature and the provision of free entertainment to people.

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