Free «Rogerian Argument» Essay Paper

Free «Rogerian Argument» Essay Paper

A number of beliefs held by human beings and their line of thoughts or arguments are based on three aspects: emotion, faith, common sense and currently, technological advancements (Rogers, 329). Even though, following the advancement in technology, there have been various perspectives of thought due to the influence of education since various people are knowledgeable. As a result, many people argue that various problems currently can be solved through employing simple solutions. It is clear that XBOX 360 and PlayStation3 have played an essential role in the human life. According to philosophers, our daily experience is actually affected by our assumptions and reality concerning what is recommended and the solutions. In that regard, we have realized that the truth is not static or a fixed entity and, in most instances, it can be argued out via various viewpoints. This essay, therefore, explores the argument regarding a common problem on which rational individuals or technological advancements clash. Particularly, this essay is going to argue and take a stand on efficiency of XBOX 360 vs. PlayStation3.


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In 1951, a psychologist Carl Rogers gave a speech in Northwestern University based on the idea of communication. This speech changed the way most people think regarding argument. Rogers was a humanist and therefore he believed that human cognition and speech were interrelated, and that the success or failure was associated to the failure or success of the other. In that sense, the advancements in technology have presented to us a variety of opportunities. For instance in the argument on XBOX 360 vs. PlayStation3, we find that both have positive aspects in terms of game quality and effectiveness (Rogers, 332).

Argument on XBOX 360 vs. PlayStation 3

Everyone will agree or disagree with me that following the introduction of Xbox360 and PS3, the current and the coming generation will console for the two systems are likely to have an edge in regards of graphics. I am sure, we have all seen the screenshots of the two systems but what we are not sure of the actual game play graphics associated with the two systems. In this part of the essay, I am going to base my argument on four aspects about the two systems namely: the game, media types, processing power, and the controllers. In spite of polarized debate, it is clear that the both systems use varied but different effective methods of delivering graphics dispensation command. When comparing the graphic pipelines used by the two systems, it is clear that XBOX uses 48 while that of PS3 is roughly 24.

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To begin with, it is evident that the number of the pipelines might appear misleading, but we can still expect to see impressive results from both two systems. Both systems possess a variety of franchise titles that are likely to be seen in future, but we should ask ourselves what game we should anticipate to see. For that matter, in case an individual is a fan of genres such as role playing that currently is dominated by Japanese, then one should consider PS3. The reason why I am saying this is because it is more probable that XBOX 360 which is unlikely to gain support from foreign developers apart from the original XBOX. According to an article on Gamesport.com, it was reported that at least two percent of Japanese gamers are willing to purchase the XBOX 360, while, on the contrary; roughly sixty five per cent were willing to purchase the PS3. Overall, people are probably going to see more games on the PS3 as compared to XBOX3. The reason why I am arguing for PS3 is that as much as XBOX 360 is common in the United States, PS3 is accepted internationally (Gamesport.com 1).

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Secondly, let’s look at the media storage type of the both systems. We need to find an answer to the question of whether the media storage type will be a factor in determining the quality of the game. In that regard, I think that because PS3 is owned by Sony and the fact that its high definition storage medium is BLUray, the PS3 games are likely to be stored in the BLUray holding roughly 55gigabytes. On the other hand, the XBOX 360 is likely to be stored in a DVD with only 10 gigabytes. Comparing the two storage devices, it is clear that the storage medium of PS3 games is bigger than that of XBOX 360 which is a Double Layer DVD.

Thirdly, the processing power of the systems is very crucial in determining which one is preferable. The PS3 utilizes a Cell processor with a PowerPC-based accompanied by seven synergistic units of processing. On the contrary, XBOX 360 utilizes a Custom IBM PowerPC Central Processing Unit with three dual-threaded cores which is only capable of handling six threads at a time. Another area that is equally vital to consider in regards to the two systems is the number of dot calculations per second. The reason is that it plays a very important role in determining the performance during the game played. It helps in calculating: projection, length of the vector, and transformation among other things. For example, if the two systems are clocked at 3.2 Ghz, the PS3 is capable of handling roughly 51 billion dots while XBOX 360 can only handle 34 billion dots. There are still varied arguments concerning each systems’ brute processing power because the numbers are confusing but still it is clear that it is in favor of the PS3 (Gamesport.com 1).

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Finally, both systems’ controllers retain the original or general shape from the original system, however, with some adjustments. Still, the PS3 controller has vast changes; that appears like a streamlined shape of a stealth airplane that a game controller. The XBOX 360 controllers maintain its original shape but only change the color scheme. I must say that PS3 is the best, faster in terms of speed, and has more powerful system and thus is highly recommended.

One of the obvious results in regard to the progressively more complicated world as deliberated in the above four paragraphs is that no one can hold the assumption that all he/she says will be understood by everyone. On the contrary, it is vital to assume that the individuals/readers will not understand or doubt what you write or say. Modern listeners or readers are likely to be particularly contentious in regards to writers’ or orators’ assertions that they deem objectionable. Due to a shift in the attitude of the audience, most writers must therefore expand on a compelling ways of organizing and presenting their thought. This is usually based on the way we argue as writers (Teich 254).

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In most cases, when a writer wishes to tackle an issue that is controversial and full of emotions and the audience is likely to be threatened through your ideas, it is apparent that your success in tackling the issue is doubted. Moreover, human being resistance to change and when challenged on what they believe in, must disagree and, in turn, generate a number of arguments. In short, we are usually threatened by the idea of challenges what we believe in (Teich 302). When looking for a solution, the way we argue demands that we must admit that conflict is inevitable. For that reason, we must look for creative ways of addressing the issues at hand. This will help in solving the complex problems and also help in negotiating differences that arise from opposing parties.


It is obvious that our way of persuading the audience is more or less a way of communicating with the aim of negotiating a common ground between diverse points of view. Any form of argument thus melds the modus operandi of enlightening analyses with those of swaying reports about XBOX 360 and PlayStation3. In fact, with the approach used above, one is never sure of the outcome. This is because we are usually optimistic that we are going to win while the opponent succumbs to the well canvassed arguments. In most cases of a scenario based problems, both parties can lose. It is therefore vital to employ the tactics that will allow both parties (audience and the speaker) to win. In this case, winning is reaching an agreement (Teich 298).

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Based on the above argument concerning the effectiveness of two systems, XBOX 360 and PS3, it is clear that PS3 has vast advantages. Therefore, if we base our arguments or deliberations on a defined approach, then the decision remains to the audience and the writer must not interfere with the standpoint of the audience but only has the option of listening and understanding the audience.

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