Free «Consumer Behaviour» Essay Paper

Free «Consumer Behaviour» Essay Paper

The purpose of the research is to justify that consumer behaviour in tourism determines stages of decision-making process, level of involvement in decision-making and management psychology of marketing techniques, which can be used to increase provisional demand for the organizational products. However, consumer behaviour is influenced by motivation, meta-cognitive experience and factors, which affect tourist destination decision.

Description methodology helped to identify consumer behaviour models, which describe particular decision-making sequence on the grounds of pre-selectional, selectional and post-selectional phases of this process. Moreover, these methods helped to identify how consumer psychology is triggered by marketing strategies and management practices.

The results of the research showed that consumer behaviour models can be assessed by the tourism marketing theories, which help to determine stimuli, motivation, values and factors, which affect consumer psychology. Moreover, findings of the research identified that decision-making stages can be eliminated or amended owing to motivation, feedback processing and judgement requirement. Practical implementation of theoretical aspects helped to evaluate simplification of the decision-making stages, based on the attitudes from associative learning, motivation as a satisfaction of needs, and marketing strategies’ importance in influencing consumer behaviour.


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Correlation between marketing goals and decision-making outcomes determine the marking grind of consumer’s satisfaction. Conclusion describes how projective marketing techniques can affects consumer response to the stimuli, which trigger consumer’s desire and ameliorate tendency of having cognitive dissonance of inconsistencies between values and opinions of the made decision. Therefore, costumer-oriented techniques aim to satisfy consumer’s needs and increase product demand as well.

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