Free «Small-Business Opportunities with the Navy» Essay Paper

Free «Small-Business Opportunities with the Navy» Essay Paper


A contract acquisition strategy is a detailed, comprehensive and integrated plan that a contractor of goods or services prepares as a part of the planning activities regarding the acquisition of a contract. The plan describes the business and the technical and support strategies that assist to meet the project objectives and to manage the associated risks (Gloria, Siegfriedt & Carstens, 2011). The strategy should reflect the current status and the desired end point for a particular project (Kerber et al., 2009). Below is an example of a project acquisition strategy for the John Lee, Inc., s floor refinishing company

Project Acquisition Strategy for the John Lee, Inc.

John Lee, Inc.

Acquisition and Planning Strategy for a Contract with the Navy

Introduction and Background

John Lee, Inc. is one of the most renowned companies when it comes to offering floor refinishing services. The company has highly qualified personnel who ensure that a floor refinishing project is completed correctly without the hassles associated with floor refinishing works. The company offers a complete floor refinishing in multiple ways to make an old floor look appealingly new. In the process of the floor refinishing, we are committed maintaining the customer’s health and indoor air quality. This forms the forefront of our business concept.


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Project Definition

The purpose of this project is to offer floor refinishing services to the navy. The project seeks to renovate the significantly damaged floors in housing and office units with the navy premises. The project will focus on specialty coating, coating application, and regular maintenance schedules. Among the expected works include floor laying, floor refinishing, and floor resurfacing.

Project Scope and Considerations

The project will revitalize the floors so as to give them a fresh look while updating the reliability of the facility infrastructures and meet the expectations of the contracting naval institution. Fractures and pot hot holes in the current situation downgrade the housing and office facilities within the navy barracks. Minor accidents are likely to happen when personnel accidentally fall on the floors because of the instability of the chairs and other furniture. Also, the nature of the floors is likely to tarnish the public image of the navy if visitors notice the pathetic state of the floors. Upgrading the floor will make the premises have a new look, thus creating a better working environment for the navy officers and the administrative staff.

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Risk and Environmental Pollution Management

There are no major risks or environmental concerns that have been associated with such prior projects because there are no major wastes, chemical emission, or effluents likely to pollute the environment. However, the materials scrubbed from the floor will needs a proper disposal. For this reason, John Lee, Inc. has prepared an Environmental Assessment, which will be presented for review and comment.

Cost Summary

The preliminary total cost of the project ranges from $9,850 to $ 10,000 for complete refinishing works. This encompasses the costs such as facility preparation, actual works, and reinstallation of furniture and other facilities to their original locations.



Electronic Contracting Programs

The increased use of electronic contracting programs is becoming apparent as more people understand the various benefits associated with them. Among the reasons why the program is gaining popularity are to increase the project visibility, productivity, and make it easy for the users to obtain needed supplies (Acemoglu, Antràs & Helpman, 2007). When a contractor and a buyer embrace this new technology, there are various benefits that are likely to arise, and both parties are deemed to enjoy them.

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To start with costs are reduced for the buyer of services, the navy in this context. The electronic contract program reduces the costs by leveraging the volume, having structured supplier relationships, and reducing external spending. Other benefits are improved quality of works and services and better supplier performance. More importantly, the program eliminates miscellaneous spending that result from paperwork and the associated errors and reworks.

Secondly is the visibility of spending. The program facilitates this by enabling full reporting on requisitions and supplies purchased, payments made, and order processes. This benefits the supplier, John Lee, Inc., who constantly sources materials and supplies from third parties. Also, the program ensures that both parties comply well with the set contracting standards, policies, and rules (Halvey & Melby, 2007). Thirdly is productivity. When the navy wants to procure similar services, it can always obtain them through an online requisition and ordering system. This saves time and costs for both the buyer and the supplier.

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Fourthly and finally are better controls. When the electronic contract programs are used in a contract between the buyer and the supplier, approval process, and workflows are standardized significantly. This ensures that the correct level of authorization is received before a contract is initiated. Also, it ensures that both the buyer of the services and the supplier comply properly. Users can easily locate the potential suppliers of goods and services. This also prevents maverick purchases by buyers such as the navy.


This paper has looked into the concept of contracting services by a buyer from the seller. It has focused on the contract acquisition strategy. This is a detailed, comprehensive, and integrated plan that a contractor of goods or services prepares as a part of the planning activities regarding the acquisition of a contract. The plan describes the business and the technical and support strategies that assist to meet the project objectives and manage the associated risks. The paper has also reviewed the electronic contract programs. These are technologically advanced software that facilitate efficient contracting. They are associated with various benefits such as reduced costs, visibility of spending, better controls, and better productivity.

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