What Do Colors Mean?

Colors are everywhere. You can’t avoid them. Though, what do they mean? Why do you feel relaxed while looking at something green? Why does the weight seem easier in a gym if it is blue?

Eventually, there are a lot of meanings of colors in different countries, but let’s see what American scientists have recently found out:


Black means power and authority. It is a very popular color in a world of fashion because people wearing black clothes appear to be thinner. It also means obedience. Priests, for example, wear black robes to show their submissiveness to God. Black color can also make the person, who wears it, feel overpowered and even evil (Draculas’ outfit is black, is it a coincidence?)


Spouses wear white to show their purity and innocence. White is a color of summer. It is quite popular in designing different events and in fashion shows, because it is neutral, light and fits everything. However, it’s easy to stain. White is used in hospitals to imply sterility.


Red stimulates faster heartbeat and breathing cycle. It is a color of love. It attracts attention. It also associates with extremes; therefore, it is not recommended for negotiations or interviews. Thieves prefer to steal red cars. Red is usually used as an accent in decorating.


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Blue is the color of the sky and ocean. It is one of the most popular colors in the world. Being opposite to red, it expresses tranquility and peace. People usually use it in bedrooms. Blue color symbolizes loyalty, which means that it is recommended to be worn to job interviews. Furthermore, scientists have found out that sportsmen can handle higher weights in blue gyms.


Being the color of nature, it is very popular in house decoration. Green is the easiest color to look at; furthermore, it improves vision. Rooms in hospitals are often green to provide relaxation for patients. In Middle Ages, brides wore green to show their readiness to give birth to posterity.


The color of the sun is a real attention getter. It is also considered to be the color of inspiration; but, when overused, it might be overpowering, because yellow is the most complicated color to look at. It improves concentration and speeds up metabolism processes.


It implies luxury and wealth. In addition, purple color connotes sophistication and femininity.


As it associates with earth, this color implies reliability and genuineness. It can also be sad and pensive. Brown is more popular with men.

Flag Colors

In the USA flag, red means hardiness and courage, blue stands for justice and vigilance, white color implies purity and innocence. The stars represent paradise and all good, while the stripes emulate sunrays.

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Interesting Fact

Blue is a very popular color, yet, the most unappetizing. Blue food isn’t common in nature. Scientists say that people while hunting for food learned to bypass noxious or spoiled objects, which often were blue, purple or black.

Three most popular colors of food are red, green and brown. Red is the most appetizing and generally used in restaurants to stimulate appetite.

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