If I Were a Scientist

If I were a scientist, I would take a more active stance in the life of modern society. I would learn more about science and the laws of nature, as well as engrave everything in my memory. The data I find would be barely used for pleasing my ego or making the name in the field of science merely for the sake of the name itself. In the present-day conditions, the number of the endangered species is considerable and the majority of life on the Earth is in jeopardy. I would, as other prominent scientists do now, do my best to ensure that life on our planet is preserved.

Some people may mistakenly argue that contributing to the world’s salvation is no rocket science. Nevertheless, science could be hardly attributed to as dull figures or cold statistics since it is art. Are you wondering why I approach it from such a standpoint? It is no wonder that the laws of nature are based on the mathematics and statistical data, which serve as a basis for the structures of the organic and non-organic parts. The scientists were never respected so much earlier as they are now, in the 21st century. The reason for such an attitude lies in the fact that they have improved the conditions of life for all of us. The jobs we have now, the comforts we live in, and the luxury we can find are an integral part of the modern era yet all these things did not exist a century ago. The inventions and discoveries are bringing about new changes to our lives day by day.


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Some people may mistakenly argue that there is no reason for developing science and gaining new knowledge in its fields. Nonetheless, the scientists are the people, who introduce the technological advancement and improve the conditions we live in. That is the reason why they occupy the honored place in our society. No one can imagine what life could be nowadays without digital devices or at least vehicles. However, each bright side has its own shadow. During the last centuries, the scientific community contributed to the progress of both positive and negative parts. This means that some inventions have a detrimental effect on the ecosystem or are a threat to life on the Earth as the whole. Being a scientist hardly means be a cold-hearted man, who is well-versed in the sphere yet always is targeted at the result. It means remaining a person with a warm heart; a person who is a penchant for the improvements yet does care about the methods for achieving them. The thirst for knowledge became a part of a rut our society got stuck in. We are overwhelmed with the information, which we can find on the web or gain from our mentors. The word “scientist” in the meaning topical for our era has a slight difference from the one that existed earlier. Today, a scientist is the one who is not limited by the pure logic or confined by any limitations, whereas a person who uses his imagination, skills, prowess, and passion to eliminate the danger our world is facing.

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If I were a scientist, I would give people the understanding of the life itself, which means not just concentrating on the discoveries in the world around us yet also on the huge world within us. The hidden universes have still much to amaze us. I would ensure that I serve to discover the truth of reality, the essence of life, the unique structures, and genuine designs formed by nature. I would do my best to bring in the ideas, from which the whole planet could benefit.

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