How to Write a Descriptive Essay about Your Favorite Food

Descriptive essays are one of the easiest types of essays to write. They don’t need much analysis, just a nice description of the assigned subject. Many students love writing descriptive essays because in many cases they get to write about something that is of great value for them. For example, writing about favorite food. Let’s learn the key points you need to know to write a good descriptive essay.


Let’s again go back to our first example and imagine you need to write a descriptive essay about your favorite food. The result you need to achieve is to make the reader like that food even without tasting it. That means you have to describe it in such a way that the reader can create a full picture and have a clear understanding why the described food is so good. Usually, we apply different senses when talking about food; we see its appealing look, smell its enchanting whiff and taste its mouthwatering flavor. With a description essay, you need to reflect all feelings using just words.


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The Subject

Picking up what exactly food to write about might be your first challenge. Do not try to come up with an exquisite dish that no one knows about. People relate easier to things they know personally so the good old mac and cheese beloved by many can also be a great choice for your essay. Just make sure you write about something you really like because only then can you achieve the right result. Also do not feel ashamed about your choice of the subject, to each their own and while most people might hate broccoli, you can see your essay as a chance to prove it’s awesome if you’re a fan of it.

The Body Part

As you might have already understood, you will need to describe your favorite food from the perspective of different senses. You can even incorporate sound perception if your food is particularly crunchy. However, describing the food itself is only the first step. Make the essay more personal by sharing how that food makes you feel, when and why it became your favorite dish and what you like the most about it. A great trick is to tell some childhood stories about your food or life anecdotes where it played an important role.

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Little Trick

Try to write when hungry. We don’t say you need to starve yourself for days preparing for your essay, but getting down to writing before the anticipated lunch might make your descriptions more vivid and lifelike. Remember that the aim you pursue in a descriptive essay is to create a convincing picture of your favorite food and make the readers want to try it too.

Remember that the thing that is appreciated in descriptive essays the most is the writer’s passionate attitude to the subject. Write about something you genuinely love and not only will writing be easy, but you’ll also get a lot of enjoyment out of it.

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