10 Extremely Controversial Speech Topics

Persuasive speech is a type of verbal presentation with an aim to convince your listener(s) that your point of view is true, right, or at least acceptable. Preparing a speech of this type is not an easy task and comes with several issues.

Advantageous Pieces of Advice on How to Prepare a Great Persuasive Speech

  • Choose your topic wisely. It includes several aspects, including (but not limited to) the following: can you find enough arguments and data to support your point of view; are there no legal concerns about your topic (e.g. talking about gay marriage in a state where it’s authorized is not necessary); will you have any material to create slides, etc.
  • Find your passion. One of the easiest ways to prepare great persuasive speech is by focusing on something you have strong feelings about. If you are not certain or have no civic position, it may be better to drop the subject as you won’t be able to convince anyone.
  • Give a number of reasons. It’s important to appeal to logic as well as to feelings. Try to find the balance between these two.
  • Ask questions. It will help you focus their attention on what you have to say as well the way they feel about it. The worst thing that may happen to anyone preparing a speech is leaving people aloof.
  • Finish with a strong statement people can remember. Unless your audience will be making notes, they will hardly remember anything other than first and last sentences. Give them something powerful to remember.

Top 10 Most Controversial Topics of 2018

Here is our list of most controversial topics for your persuasive speech. You can find people who are pro and against these statements, making them perfect for a controversial persuasive speech.

  • In the light of recent events, should sexual harassment allegations be a reason for dismissal, contract breach, and withdrawal of any movies in Hollywood?
  • Should we be fighting for racial equality rather than equity? Are there any cases where this may be harmful?
  • Volunteering is only beneficial for volunteers themselves, being rather harmful or useless for local communities.
  • Compulsory pre-puberty contraception for both sexes. Should humans be forced to get certified in order to conceive a baby?
  • Negative effects of homosexual parents on their children: truth or myth?
  • Should charities be praised for their accomplishments and big goals, rather than little spending?
  • Should hunting be banned both as business venues and hobby in natural surroundings?
  • Should schools teach both creationism and evolutionary approach, giving children right to decide what to believe?
  • Is anarchism the best governing form due to its nature and application aspects?
  • Single parenting and adoption protocols: should such parent be allowed to adopt?

How do you like our list? Do you have anything to add? If so, feel free to leave your comments and share your opinion. If you need an essay or presentation on any of these topics, just place your order and we will help you out!

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