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Helpful Advice on Writing a Methodology Section of a Dissertation

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Choosing appropriate subject for a paper is not easy, especially for someone working on their dissertation. Writing a dissertation methodology chapter is twice as difficult because you have to adopt an extremely careful strategic approach that would ensure reliable and accurate research results. Actually, the words ‘dissertation’ and ‘easy’ simply cannot coexist in one sentence because this type of paper is nothing but a huge challenge. Every step of writing requires significant investment of time and attention; otherwise, a learner will not create a convincing paper that earns approval.

In this article, we’d like to first answer the question “What is a research methodology?” and explain how to write it properly. We will provide clear research methodology steps so that it’s understandable to you what amount of work expects you and why cooperating with our agency is a truly great decision.


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Defining a Methodology Chapter

A methodology section of a dissertation is the chapter where you describe the basis of your investigation, i.e. type of research methods and their reliability and validity, research design, research strategy, etc. Among various research methods which students can choose for their research are surveys, observations, interviews, experiments, and analysis. The methodological choice depends on the subject and research aims. Apart from making the right choice of research methods, a dissertation author has to provide their clear and comprehensive description in a methodology section. It is necessary to explain whether you’ve used qualitative, quantitative or mixed methods, where and who you collected information from and how you did it, and how you analyzed it. The aim of this section is to explain to the readers which methods were selected and why as well as to share insight into the topic.

The truth is, completing the methodology section of a dissertation is as difficult as it sounds. This is exactly why most students start looking for dissertation methodology writing help as soon as they realize what a time-consuming task awaits them. A sure way to make writing a dissertation methodology chapter easy is to go to Marvelous-Essay.com.

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Importance of a Methodology Section of a Dissertation

A role of a methodology chapter in a dissertation or thesis is very important. This section performs a couple of important functions:

  • First, it shows that you have a proper understanding of such a notion as a research design. It means that you know where you are going in your study and that the obtained results will be valid.
  • Second, it helps other academicians use the same research strategy and approach while conducting their studies and them compare their obtained results with yours. In the realm of academic area, this is essential since new studies are always based on the previous ones.

A methodology chapter also helps you determine and discuss the difficulties you’ve faced while conducting your investigation and explain how you’ve alleviated their influence. Here, it goes about such an aspect as research limitations. It’s necessary to add that each project has its limitations which have to be clearly recognized. Despite this, you need to emphasize the reliability and validity of your study.

At it’s seen, the role of a methodology chapter cannot be underestimated. Therefore, it’s important to know how to write it in the right manner.

How to Write a Dissertation Methodology Chapter

Before starting producing the methods section, you should understand that its structure and content will vary depending on the research area, i.e. sciences, humanities, etc. and educational establishment. So, make sure to check professor’s instructions and requirements before beginning writing. On more thing to consider is that it would be good to craft an outline before starting working on the methods section. It will serve you as a roadmap throughout the writing process and help you highlight all the aspects intrinsic to the methods section.

Research Methodology Steps

Discuss Your Research Approach

The chosen research strategy can be explained using any of the presented options:

Begin with Your “What”

What research question do you explore?

  • Want to list the features of something?
  • Examine an under-researched subject?
  • Determine a causal relationship between the notions being explored?

What type of data is required to reach the set research aims?

  • Qualitative, quantitative, or mixed?
  • Primary data collected on your own or the secondary ones gathered by someone else?
  • Experimental data gathered by means of controlling and changing variables, or descriptive data collected by means of observations.

Begin with “Why”

Depending on the academic discipline you are writing your dissertation in, you may start with discussing both assumptions and rationale, which your methodology chapter is based on. In plain English, you need to explain why you’ve chosen a specific method for your study.

  • Why is the applied method the most suitable to address your research question?
  • Does the chosen methodology is common for a specific field or it requires additional justifications?
  • Are any ethical considerations involved in your methodological choice?
  • What are the principles of reliability and validity in your type of research? How have you avoided partiality when processing data?

Highlight Your Data Collection Methods

Once you’ve presented your approach and strategy to readers, you need to describe the data collection methods.

Quantitative Methods

Explain the process of applying your concepts and measuring your variables. Talk about the sampling method as well as the instruments, processes, and materials used to collect your data.

Qualitative Methods

Doing qualitative research, methods are often more changeable and subjective. That’s why it’s important to properly explain the methodological choice. You need to talk about the criteria used for selecting data, research context, and the role you played when gathering data.

Mixed Methods

These combine both qualitative and quantitative research methods described above. Mixed methods may be the best choice in cases where either a quantitative research method or a qualitative one is insufficient.

Discuss the Used Analysis Method

Explain how you processed the gathered data. Mind not to discuss the obtained results at this point.

Quantitative Methods

When it goes about qualitative research, the analysis should be based on numbers. In the methods section, you may tell which programs you used to analyze data, which statistical tests you used, etc.

Qualitative Methods

In qualitative research, your analysis has to be based on images, language, etc. Such types of analysis as thematic, content, and discourse may be used.

Mixed Methods

As it has already been mentioned, these methods include both quantitative and qualitative methods.

Assess and Elucidate the Methodological Choice

Discuss the chosen methods in detail so that your choice is clear to readers.  Explain why other methods are not suitable for achieving your research aims.

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Valuable Advice on How to Produce a Solid Methods Section

When creating a methodology chapter, your task is not just to present the methods that fit in your type of research design, but to demonstrate that your investigation was carried out professionally and can be imitated. Here are some useful tips for you to follow to manage to write a dissertation methodology chapter properly:

  1. Concentrate on your research aims and a research question. In this chapter, you need to persuade readers that your way of addressing the matter is the most effective.
  2. Cite appropriate sources. Referring to relevant sources of information, you will show that you have used the practice common for your type of investigation. Additionally, you’ll be able to present a new methodological technique that can be used to cover the gap in the literature related to a specific field of study.
  3. Write with your readers in mind. Ponder over the amount of information you need to provide in your work and the length of the latter. If you apply the methods common to your discipline, you probably won’t need to provide much background data.

No matter the topic and methods you are using, your methodology chapter has to be clear, well-structured, and comprehensible.

Dissertation methodology section writing requires in-depth knowledge of the topic and research methods as well as good understanding of current dissertation writing conventions. Another skill students are expected to possess is strong academic writing skills, which presents yet another challenge for the majority of students. What is the most viable alternative in this case? The easiest way out is a good and trustworthy dissertation methodology writing service. For professionals, creating a well-thought-out methodology section for a dissertation is a routine matter, which means that they can easily cope with a task no matter the topic of your paper. We offer high-quality dissertation methodology writing assistance to students of any academic level 24/7.

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