Free «The Adverts» Essay Paper

Free «The Adverts» Essay Paper

Adverts are supposed to deliver messages to the consumers about certain products. The target audience here refers to the people who are involved in water sports and underwater activities. The advertisement allows the target audience to appreciate the beauty of underwater photography. Through this the target audience is able to see that it can be fun taking pictures under water. The image in the advertisement is a clear picture containing various elements/ objects. The clarity and the diversity of images captured shows that it is a high end picture. The light from the sun illuminates the scene in such a way that one is able to appreciate nature.

All advertising aims to capture a certain target audience. A sticking image is important because it captures attention of the target audience. The elements of an advertisement should leave a good impression to the reader or target audience. It is estimated that people look at advertisements for an average 1.5 seconds. In this time period one should be able to view the values attached to the advertised brand. The target audience for this advert is people who live luxurious lifestyles. This particular group of adventurous people does not want to compromise quality and convenience. This advertisement shows that by purchasing this camera, one will be able to achieve these two objectives.


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The target audience in this advert is adventurous people who are interested in visiting glamorous places. These people usually live luxurious lifestyles and are interested in viewing the natural environment. The camera also doubles up as a regular camera which can also be used for other daily activities. This is a high end camera that can be used in all types of activities. To clarify this, the manufacturer has provided the specifications of the camera in the image in small font. This clearly shows that we do need the camera not just to take under water pictures but also for our daily activities.

In this advertisement the image displayed contains several elements these are; a medieval painting showing an octopus and a mermaid, a coral reef background, sea creatures and the general lake bottom environment. The advert places the viewer in the same position as the camera man. The target audience is able to perceive the image from the cameraman’s perspective. It is clear that the cameraman was interested in capturing the painting in the image but in doing so he was able to capture the other interesting elements. The medieval painting shows that one can find rare spectacular treasures at the bottom of the sea. Therefore you need to carry your camera along as you explore the sea.

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An advertisement should be able to create the need for a particular product. This advertisement effectively brings out the need for an underwater camera. The target audience is adventurous and lives a luxurious lifestyle. This group of people needs to capture these excellent sceneries.

A variety of colors have been displayed in the image. The colors are bright and go together with the text provided “underwater fun”. The variety of colors shows the capability of the camera to bring forth good quality images. The bright colors are displayed in the medieval painting and the coral reef .The Fujifilm z33 waterproof camera is displayed in different bright colors at the bottom of the advertisement. This shows the color choices that the target audience could be able to acquire if they purchased one. The choice of bright colors in this advertisement symbolizes fun and adventure.

The language used in this advertisement is simple and goes along with the pictorial. The words “Z33 waterproof underwater fun” are simple direct and precise. The words “underwater fun” are put in bold capital letters. The specifications of the camera are also placed at the bottom of the page in relatively smaller font. Images of the Z33 camera are also placed alongside the words in small font. The advert is a full color, high quality, enhanced image. There are a variety of colors that can be seen in the image. The painting on the foreground and the coral reefs display a variety of colors which seem to be enhanced.

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The image also promotes the feeling of adventure. The quality image displayed is a rare image capturing the bottom of the sea. The cameras ability to take such a treasured photo is amazing .The camera also doubles up as a regular day utility camera. This even persuades people who own other types of cameras to purchase this one.

In general the layout of the advertisement is striking and appealing to the reader. The emphasis is on the cameras ability to take high end pictures at the bottom of the sea. This message is delivered through the high quality image in the advertisement along with relatively few words. The target audience is people who live a luxurious lifestyle that involves adventure and fun. The advert is able to provide the target audience with the camera they need. The message has been coherently delivered to the audience through very few words and a good image. The advertisement however does not provide the audience with answers regarding the availability of the camera, Where to purchase it and the pricing. The contacts provide is a web address which is written in small font hence it is very unlikely that the audience will see it. Overall the advertisement is able to deliver the message to the target audience within a brief viewing period.

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