Free «Holistic package design and consumer brand impressions» Essay Paper

Free «Holistic package design and consumer brand impressions» Essay Paper

Orth, Ulrich & Malkewitz, Kevin. (2008). “Holistic package design and consumer brand impressions.” Journal of Marketing, 72(3), 64-81.

The article develops guidelines for productive packaging designs. The study identifies packaging as a product differentiation factor and, as a source of customer satisfaction. According to Orth and Malkewitz (2008), natural packaging promotes the credibility of a product and, therefore, outstanding products should not have complicated designs. Indeed consumers have independent perception on a product and, this creates a brand. In most cases, producers cease to control their products as soon as they reach the market. Thus, consumer’s insights surpass product or industry’s attributes. The author derives his analysis on trade-offs developed from holistic designs of products.

Ceruse, Murielle & Schoolman, Jan (2005). “The different roles of product appearance in consumer choice.” Journal of Product Innovation Management, 22(1), 63-81.

The article acknowledges product design as a source of differential advantage. Consumers make purchase decision based on product appearance. The article evaluates the role of product’s appearance on consumer’s decisions making. In particular, the article analyzes the role of appearance in consumer’s insight. According to the author, most consumers overlook product attributes. The study tests the role of consumer insight on product choice and consumer loyalty, though a quantitative approach. The author maintains that managers are yet to exploit the value of appearance in their models.


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Blijlevens, Janneke. Creusen, Marielle and Schoormans, Jan (2009). “How Consumers Perceive Product Appearance the Identification of Three-Product Appearance”, International journal of design, Vol 3, No3.

Companies communicate the meaning of a product through its appearance. Indeed, consumers indentify a product based on its appearance. According to the article, consumers categorize a product based on its physical appearance. In most cases, consumers do not consider the unseen values of a product. Additionally, consumers rate a product based on its physical appearance, rather than the underlying standards. Throughout the article, the author attempts to create a connection between quality and the “Three-Product Appearance” of a product. The article also illustrate disconnect between consumer insight and product values.

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