Free «Slang or Cultural Expression» Essay Paper

Free «Slang or Cultural Expression» Essay Paper

In a cultural setup, slang is a composition of nonstandard informal words that originates in some subcultures contained in a society. These words or slang in most cases brings out the expression that the person using them is familiar with the recipient group. On the other hand, cultural expression is the process of relating a certain art with intellectual achievement. It is important to note that some of the traditional folklore expressions are still in use today. Some of these include music designs, art, symbols, signs performances, and architectural forms (Conroy). When we look at these expression, it is evident that they have passed centuries and are currently in use. On the other hand, slang ‘boo’ has also passed a long journey.

In spite of the fact that generation comes and goes, everyone has its own variation on his/her official language that forms a tradition. There are slangs that have several meaning, whereby each of them has a unique reference differentiated by expressions or how the voice is altered. For example, the slang ’boo‘contains this kind of condition. This slang has several definitions which have some uniqueness to a certain group of people. It can be used on three occasions such as to show disapproval, to scare people, and as an expression denoting occurrence of a mistake. In this essay, we are going to observe the three definitions in details as well as giving clear examples for each.


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Since early ages, back in 1970’s, boo has been a word used by ghosts and wolves in searching or hunting for human beings. This word is associated with one of the major pillars for frightening children. It is evident that whenever children are watching movie with ghost, there is a possibility that ninety percent of them will either hide or go out. Roaring boo will make other kids run out of the scary environment (Simons). It is clear that boo has played a big part in horror movies associated with horrifying creatures.

Additionally, boo has become an affix in the culture of our movies for some reasons. One way is that boo have upgraded into a kind of a joke, horror movie parodies, and have made it a laughing wager in most horror movie scenes. It has made it an old-fashioned slang when used in this context, which has led it to lose the expression and its effects it had on the audience. It is, therefore, important to note that once slang has lost its effect and meaning, young people revive it by giving it a new sense.

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Besides, boo is used as a sign of disapproval, especially in performance context when the audience boo to a performance. Besides delivering the message of disapproval, they also pass another massage to the artist that there is a need for improvement and change of the art. The slang boo can, therefore, act as a weapon of inducing change in something especially an art. It may be an earlier definition as compared to the first one because it has been used since the Victorian Era when actors were not in a position to portray the parts to the satisfaction of the courts. Nowadays, the word boo is a sign of horrible dissatisfaction with the performance. boo has been used under this context for centuries. Nowadays, it is often used in sports, political rallies, and in a situation when the person fails to meet the expectations of its audience. Consequently, boo is used as sign showing public disapproval over something and sends a message only by the use of three letters (Ayto and Simpson).

Boo helps the crowd in disapproval of something passing a great volume of information in a simplified way. The only problem is that people do not meet every day or week in order to make a company. Therefore, the use of the slang boo calls for such uniformity by simply making it simple and concise. This slang is very powerful as it helps in bringing the leaders off their platforms as well as pillars. Moreover, these actions do not create any sort of interest to the people. For example, Berezina has a tradition of booing their leader as well as representatives, which is a way of humbling pride. The word boo acts as a social and political bomb that can be used as demonstration to both people and the leaders of a nation to show the ones who are in real power.

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In other countries, the use of slangs is very popular. People are empowered by the use of slangs is astonishing and ensures that the people represented are the right one. In some situations, many people perceive boo as important and mediocre. The slangs are considered to have a certain meaning in some cultures, as it will be observed with a slang boo.

The slang boo has been coined by many African American cultures as a love done reference. For example, in the song “U will always be my boo" by Nelly and Kelly, it brings the slang in the mainstream. It is until the song is made up to the charts that it was considered by other subcultures. Boo was at fist used as a distinguishing factor of a female lover and man girlfriend. With women having been empowered, the slang can now be used to distinguish the two. That is boyfriend and girlfriend spite of sex. Therefore, this slang has taken the course of dimensions of meaning of love and affection.

The slang boo has another course dimension in terms of love and affection. boo is identical with the love and affection or simply being in a relationship with someone. The Afro American men and women used the slang boo when referring to themselves. Nowadays, different ethnicities refer themselves as boo. This change has been caused by typical cultures as well as melting pot in the international market. Therefore, it has become a social term of any race, thus, it gained transcended racial barriers in such a way that other slang has been able to do (Allen). It adds power to slang boo making it remain unique. A revolution in relationship between individuals from different perspectives has been made possible because of using the concept boo or boo people. It has made it possible for people from different race to be in a relationship. It has brought down and ended the fear that existed between people from different racial background who fell in love. In short, this has become acceptable and has lost its taboo. Therefore, it was right to say that the boo has led to improvement of interracial relationship that in general was be very aggressive. These terminologies may also change course as we move from one generation to another.

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In our final definition, we saw that boo is comprised of repeated slang. In this case, boo is the point where an accident happens either willingly or unwillingly. Many people confuse this definition of boo and think that it is defined as slang. Instead, they argue that by mentioning it twice, it does not change its initial meaning. In most cases, in the television or in a movie, if a person causes an accident unwillingly, the person would associate it with a boo-boo action.

Finally, slangs play a great role in many aspects of our life. Boo particularly has come through centuries but even today it has some impacts in our culture. Nevertheless, it could be used as a sign of fear, for disapproval, love affection, and when one has caused an accident. Besides the meanings of boo, there are different definitions that are spelt the same.

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