Free «Non-Verbal Communication in Romantic Relationships» Essay Paper

Free «Non-Verbal Communication in Romantic Relationships» Essay Paper


Communication is truly the key for success in any and all relationships. The work,which will be investigated dealt with the problem of how people in romantic relationships have misinterpretations and find errors with each other using nonverbal cues and body language. This paper will provide explanation and justification for the method and data collection, analysis of results, and conclusion.

Keywords: justification, data collection, analysis.

Non-Verbal Communication in Romantic Relationships

Justification for the Method and Data Collection

The study was made on such an important topic as non-verbal communication in romantic relationships. Since communication is truly the key for success in any and all relationships, the purpose of the work was to investigate the problem of how people in romantic relationships have misinterpretations and find errors with each other using nonverbal cues and body language. The chapter consists of the following sections: Introduction, Literature Review, Method, Results and Conclusion. The introduction includes the topic and the thesis statement. The Literature Review section includes literature research and covers the areas relevant for the research. The part dedicated to the method describes the method and the population of interest. It also provides the description of survey materials. Lastly, the sections Results and Conclusion deal with the research results and provide a practical conclusion.


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The study used literature review, surveys and questionnaires as the method of data collection. The study was founded on the surveys and literature reviews as the key methods because it discerned and captured questions about a subject and also provided sufficient information for the targeted topic. For this particular study a questionnaire with open-ended questions was developed. The questions were designed in such a way that certain key questions about relationships were asked by interviewing a known number of respondents. The answers to known questions were collected and described. The questionnaire method provided for questions as a guide and gave the opportunity to the respondents to only relay back to the person who conducted research the information that they intended to collect and understand. The questionnaire was a cheaper method in terms of resources as compared to the situation where assistants in research were delegated to assist. As a result of their structured nature, basically all data collected was analyzed. To supplement questionnaires, personal interviews were conducted with the intent to get a deep understanding of relationship issues, especially addressing those that were not addressed in the questionnaires. The following data sources were accessed for this research data: literature review data, survey data and questionnaire data.

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Literature review serves many important purposes, including broadening the horizons of the researcher, establishing the need for research, and preventing the researcher to conduct the research that already exists. This literature review allowed the researcher to find out what has been done in the terms of the problem being investigated. The review performed showed what areas were touched upon during the research. The research mainly covered the body language, which is involved in the intent of the message. It dealt with two theories, which explain the source of what men and women detect when dealing with the opposite gender. The literature review covered such areas as human emotions, eye movement, placement and movements of hands, arms, head, and legs as nonverbal cues to be considered. Body posture, orientation, proxemics and voice characteristics were also analyzed.

The survey performed also included multiple-choice and ranking questions and also open-ended questions to gain as much information from the participants as possible. The process was intended to include close relatives and family. Also, some surveys were to be collected from the EasternUniversity students.

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Data collection was performed through putting the design for collecting information into operation. Information was gathered by way of surveys and literature review. Since data collection was done through surveys, the information was collected in questionnaire forms to be further analyzed, organized and recorded so that it can be optimally useful.

The results of the research showed the importance of proper communication in any relationship. The research provided sufficient information about non-verbal communication in romantic relationships.

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