Free «Emergency Medicine Personal Statement» Essay Paper

Free «Emergency Medicine Personal Statement» Essay Paper

Children are clean slates as far as their future career is concerned at the preschool age. As they grow, they interact with adults in the society where they get role models to emulate. Different occurrences are also vital in modeling future of human beings. There have been several events and people throughout my life that have inspired me and kept me motivated to pursue my dream of becoming a doctor in the emergency medical department.

I spent a lot of time with my grandfather (from mother’s side of the family) who had a long road of medical difficulties. He had been using a wheelchair for 45 years and had not come out of his house on his own for all those years because of stairs. He was on dialysis three days a week. He went through the dialysis for some period of time, but then, he had a stroke. The stroke was the last straw for him, and he decided that he no longer wanted to continue dialysis. I was lucky enough to visit him at this point just before he passed away as it was only a matter of time. I was only a third year medical student at that time. However, my family looked upon me to answer medical questions after he slowly slipped away. Telling my grandmother and the rest of my family what had happened was the hardest thing I have ever done. This event motivated me to better myself as a future physician. The experience solidified my belief in the need of a good physician at the bedside, especially in the emergency room where life can unexpectedly be taken from others. My grandfather passed away and left the family mourning. He inspired me to learn more about emergency medicine and to get into the medical field. I desire to help paralyzed people to come out of this horrifying condition.


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There are other aspects which make me study emergency medicine. First and foremost, emergency medicine is the first medical professional help to be given to the neediest human beings. Professionals in this field save lives of patients arriving without diagnosis. Patients in this unit are mostly unable to communicate, and they need care to save their lives. The acuity of the situation requires emergency medicine skills so as to perform necessary and life-saving procedures.

Emergency medicine is the destination of my long journey that started in high school. This was the time when I discovered where my interest in life was. Another person who inspired me was Jackson Schleter, my father’s uncle. He was a professional in emergency medicine. He played an important role in the life-saving procedures in different hospitals of New York. He was known to be humble among people saving lives for free to kids and people who could not afford surgeries but needed them. He was also well-known by other doctors. They looked up on him as he was very intelligent and experienced. Additionally, when I visit New York and interact with doctors, they ask me if I am related to him because of my last name. I proudly say “Yes”. I want to be like him one day. I want to become a famous doctor in emergency medicine and to go around the world helping people who are almost losing their lives.This is the driving force that reinforces my spirit of becoming an emergency medical expert.

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