Free «Assignment 5: Why Major in Psychology?» Essay Paper

Free «Assignment 5: Why Major in Psychology?» Essay Paper

Psychology is one of the interesting sciences that were my options while I was choosing what to study in the nearest future. I decided to choose it because the idea that in few years I will be able to understand human’s actions well was too attractive to forget about it. After moving from Hong Kong to the United States of America for studies, there was no moment of regret or disappointment in psychology. I have already studied it at Seattle University, and my current goal is to finish my psychology score in this university and become a professional.

In the textbook, there are three reasons to study psychology provided by students majoring in it: “path of least resistance,” “one course and I was sold,” and “I am destined to be a helper.” None of these reasons is 100% about me, but the third one is more close to, me. I chose psychology not because my parents wanted it, and it was not the first idea that came to my mind. I chose it neither because I felt that it was my calling. Instead, I was thinking rationally about my abilities and interests and decided that I want to deal with human beings helping them in difficult situations, finding the roots of problems and conflicts, and searching for the possible solutions.


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That is how my interests lead me to the right major. In the future, I am planning to learn criminal psychology more deeply and connect my career with it. I am sure that people who commit crimes are not just ill or evil; there is always a serious psychological background behind every awful crime. I feel that this field of psychology is quite challenging because it requires strong will and stress resistance. Nevertheless, it will open new horizons for understanding what human being is; and I am looking forward to learning new things in criminal psychology.

1. Do You Understand and Appreciate Psychology as a Scientific Discipline?

Psychology is a quite new science comparing to physics and mathematics that take roots in the ancient world. However, it does not lose its popularity among students being one of the most common university majors. I understand psychology as a scientific discipline because it has own object, subject, audience, and methods. Psychological researches prove that there are still many things to observe and discover. Besides, psychology is closely connected with other disciplines such as philosophy, sociology, mathematics, ethics, and so on. Psychologists use some achievements of these sciences to confirm some of research results. Other scientists refer to psychological innovations, as well as. I appreciate psychology because it helps to understand human feelings, emotions, motivations, and actions that are essential in any field of knowledge.

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2. Are You and Psychology a Good Fit?

As I have already mentioned, I do not regret that I have decided to study psychology at all. Some of my friends were sceptical about it because they chose business administration, accounting, or economics as their majors. It is clear that the majors connected with financial issues are extremely popular among young people. They think that it guarantees a high level of income in the future. However, I think that it is not right to choose the major based only on a selfish motive. If a person does not have inclination for finances, he/she will never be successful in economics or accounting. I chose psychology because I have watched various movies about psychologists and read books, where compassion, understanding, and respect played a big role in solving the situation. I remember that all of my friends always go to me to ask for advice or psychological support. Therefore, I calculated all these facts in my head and found out that it might be a suitable profession. Maybe, I will get a degree in another field some years later; but the most significant thing is that a psychological education will always be an advantage while applying for any job.

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3. Is Psychology the Right Vehicle to Help You Accomplish Your Career Goals, even if They Are not Well Defined at the Moment?

My approximate career goal is to connect my professional life with criminal psychology. It is quite obvious that psychology is the right vehicle in this case. The United States universities give a perfect basis for future psychologists, and I am glad that I have had an opportunity to come here and listen to the lectures of outstanding professors, who know their subject really well. I am not sure if I will stay and find a job in the United States or go back to Hong Kong and work there. If I choose a second option, I will work for the development of society in my home place, because I know that there are many things to be improved. Psychology is popular but still, many people do not take it seriously. It would be great if I could work with criminals and doing researches at the same time. I want to break the stereotype that criminals are the worst people, who do not deserve to be members of society. Every society has disadvantages, and the emergence of such people is a sign that something is wrong in the functioning of the society. As a psychologist, I would dedicate my career to prove this point of view and change the society for better.

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