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For those who have never dealt with memo writing, this piece of writing may seem complicated or unclear. However, with certain knowledge and a little effort, writing a memo becomes simple and effortless. As a custom memo writing service, we know what it takes to compose a decent memorandum for any purpose. In this short article, we have shared our knowledge and experience with you, so that you would know how to write a memo.


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Four Steps of Composing a Memo

1. Create a Heading

Any memo written to a colleague, a director, or a business partner needs to indicate whom it are addressed to in the first place. Thus, make sure to include the details about the receiver at the beginning of your memo. However, this information can be omitted in cases when the memo is sent via emails, as electronic letters usually have these details included in the template.

Another thing to remember while writing a memo is to indicate your own name and the date of the memo’s sending out. In most cases, a short title of the memo is also required, which is basically a reflection of the question it refers to.

2. Compose the Body

The main part should consist of three basic elements:

  • Introduction: As a rule, the opening of a memo tells why it was written, with no smooth transitions or opening lines. Simply go strictly to the core reason why you wrote the memo.
  • Key ideas: a memo does not require a structured text with linking phrases and transitions, so you can simply write the main theses that present the information you want to deliver. At the same time, these theses need to be coherent and clear.
  • Conclusion: with a memo, you can invite someone to some event, call for actions, ask for suggestions or explanations, etc. Conclusion is the proper place to do it.

3. Polish It Off

The important part of working on your memo is proofreading it once it is ready. Fix every mistake you notice and ensure that the content is clear and informative. Here is the checklist for this stage of work:

  • Make sure that the style and level of formality match the target readers’ status;
  • Get rid of all the unimportant information and extra details;
  • Check if all the ideas are clearly formulated and logically presented;
  • Make your memo contain minimum words and maximum information;
  • Ensure that the language is understandable;
  • Check if the tone of your message is neutral.

4. Send Your Memo

Once all the previous stages of work are done, it is time to send the memo to the addressee(s).

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Professional Writing Help with Memos

If you feel that you need some memorandum writing help, you can find it in our company. Marvelous-Essay.com is a professional custom memo writing service that has been dealing with this sort of assignments for many years. Our clients include students from different countries and continents, and they have been leaving countless grateful feedbacks about our service. We always strive to deliver the properly written and well-formatted papers in accordance with the clients’ needs, and our writing department with its talented and experienced professionals always reaches this goal. If you buy a memorandum for college from us, it will be written from scratch by one of our experts, and you will receive an original piece of writing that is written exactly how you wanted it to look. It will also be formatted by the referencing style you choose and meet the highest academic standards of writing.

In order to hire a professional memo writer from our company, you first need to provide us with your future paper’s details, such as its deadline, format, required number of words, etc. All this information will be asked in the order form that you will need to fill out. Then, you will be forwarded to the payment page, where you can choose an option that suits you best and make the transaction. Once the payment is confirmed, we will assign your order to one of our expert writers, and this person will handle your assignment properly. You can also be involved in the writing process and keep the track of the work progress. Our system allows exchanging messages between the client and the writer, so feel free to do it whenever needed. Finally, when the deadline comes, your paper will be attached to your order.

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Writing Your Memo for You

Our custom memo writing service offers a number of convenient features that are guaranteed for every client:

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