Film Review Essay

If a student received a task to write a good movie review, he/she needs to understand the aim of such an assignment. A film review helps the author to understand the deeper meaning of what he/she watched. Such a review helps one to reflect more about the movie. When a student is working on a film review, he/she has a chance to show creativity, while discussing various parts of the film.

You are welcome to learn about the important elements in a movie review assignment:

The title of the movie.
Either it is a documentary or a movie, the name is very significant. It should not be ignored as it carries a certain meaning. Try to understand the appropriateness, meaning, and its effectiveness.

In what way is the film related to your class?
When writing a film review, it is important to bear in mind the essay’s link to what was learned in the class. The author of the essay can point out the noticed similarities and difficulties that were seen in the film.

Remember to name the movie director.
In any film, the director is the most important person behind its creation. As you write, remember to include the details about the history of the director. You can write about the director’s special features, achievements, controversies, and significance.


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The casting team. We all know that the actors are the ones who take away a lot of the attention in any movie. The performance of each actor is important, but it is even more critical how one suits the role.

The elements of the film. Each film consists of small yet crucial elements, some of which are sound, colors, costumes, and camera. All of these aspects vary, depending on the kind of film and the time it is portraying. If an actor’s costume does not match the film, this will negatively impact the movie. Likewise, a movie can make a certain mood with the help of proper use of colors. The same relates to the camera.

Write as if it is meant for a person who did not see the film. If in the process of writing you think of someone who has not watched the film, you will, most likely, include more details and more descriptions. While writing, remember that the reader will perceive the film through your words.

Working on a Movie Review Assignment

Below is a brief yet effective plan that can be followed when writing the film review. Remember that it can be changed if needed.

  • Begin by creating a title (indicate the documentary or movie’s name that will be reviewed).
  • After the title, include an introduction, adding some details about the film.
  • The following is a film summary. Bear in mind a reader who did not watch the movie.
  • After the plot is described, you can continue with the creative movie elements (colors, costumes, camera, dialogues, etc.)
  • Include your own opinion about the film and provide specific examples for support.
  • Summarize the work with a closing statement. Do you think the director succeeded in carrying to the audience the intended message?

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