Progressive Delivery

Progressive delivery is a type of service that was created for customers who order large papers or projects (20 or more double-spaced pages or 10 and more single-spaced pages).

Benefits of Progressive Delivery:

  • Customers can monitor how their paper is being completed, step by step. Customers will receive the order in parts, according to the instructions and deadline set for each part, and before the final deadline.
  • More time for free revision – 30 days as compared with only 2 days for regular papers
  • Only top writers assigned to process this type of orders
  • A personal manager assigned to arrange and manage the whole process until its completion. The manager's responsibility is to maintain effective communication between the customer and the writer

Drafts are usually delivered as follows:

  • for orders that are urgent (4 days or less) – only one draft is forwarded to the customer within the first 50% of the deadline, comprising 25% of the total paper. Thus, if the paper is 20 pages long and due in 2 days, the customer will receive a 5-page draft in 1 day.
  • for orders that are less urgent (5-11 days) – two drafts will be forwarded to the customer within 25% and 50% of the deadline, accordingly. The first draft will comprise 25% of the total paper, and the second draft will comprise 50% of the paper.
  • for orders that are not urgent (12 days and more) – three drafts will be forwarded to the customer within 25%, 50% and 75% of the deadline, comprising 25%, 50% and 75% of the final paper, accordingly.

It will add just 15% to the sum of your order.

*If the customer presents with unique or unexpected instructions regarding paper delivery, the company will arrange an individual writing plan according to these instructions. The customer will need to contact the manager for further questions.

Additional Service Options for Papers less than 20 Pages Long

1-Page Summary of the Paper

We offer additional services for customers who need a 1-page summary of the whole paper. Will cover the major points of your work and provide a concise summary of your project. It will be particularly helpful for students who are preparing to report on the topic.


When you are ordering a paper from us, you can also receive a one-page draft of your paper (300 words double-spaced or 600 words single-spaced). The draft will be completed and forwarded to you within 50% of the deadline. For example, if your paper is to be finished in 4 days, you will receive the draft in 2 days.

Extended Revision

All customers are eligible for a free revision within 48 hours after the paper is delivered. Use our extended revision option to increase this time to 14 days!

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