Let’s Talk About Global Warming

It is crucial for mankind to solve environmental problems, since they influence both our lives and the lives of the future generations. Nowadays, global warming is considered one of the most burning issues that concerns our natural environment. It is an extremely dangerous problem, which affects our planet on a global scale.

What is actually global warming? It is a change in climate, namely, a significant increase of the temperature level all over the world. This problem is of anthropogenic origin: various areas of human’s activity have contributed to this environmental phenomenon. Previously, the variation of the temperature of the Earth’s surface and oceans was completely natural and harmless. However, over the course of recent centuries, scientists have recorded abnormal changes in the temperature scenario. Such a rise in temperature has already caused drastic changes in the nature of our planet and resulted in ice melting, numerous severe floods, shortage of drinking water, species extinction and many more.


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One of the key reasons for global warming is a constantly increasing level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Global warming is also associated with various dangerous greenhouse gasses. According to surveys, industry and commerce are the main factors why the level of temperature of our planet continues to rise.

In order to stop global warming, the world society has to be aware of the terrible impact it has on our planet. Luckily, these days, more and more people begin to realize the threat of global warming and the need to stop this dangerous process in order to preserve our planet and make sure that our future generations will have a safe place to live. In fact, each of us can contribute to solving this problem by introducing several changes into our daily routine. From switching to LED light-bulbs and pulling a phone charger out of a plug when not charging your mobile device to driving electric cars: these simple things can save our planet.

All in all, humanity has caused global warming, which affects all the inhabitants of our planet, including representatives of its flora and fauna. So, each of us is responsible for solving it.

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